Udinese – Salernitana 1-1: Final score and highlights

Udinese – Salernitana 1-1: Final score and highlights
  • Thank you for following the live coverage of the Udinese-Salernitana match and we will see you in the next Italian League matches.17:08

  • It all happened in the first half at the Blunergy Stadium, as Salernitana took the lead with a well-taken shot from the edge of the penalty area by Chauna in the 10th minute. Three minutes later, Zanoli cleared a cross from Thauvin into his own goal, but Manganiello canceled out Juventus' equalizer due to the offside of Luca, who passed the pass to Thauvin. Udinese continued to press and create opportunities through Luka and Lovric, before equalizing 1-1 in the third minute of stoppage time, with a wonderful back kick from Kamara after a cross from Thauvin. In the second half, the Frenchman also came close to scoring two goals, two minutes before Ebuselli was sent off for a yellow card, leaving the Friulian team with ten men since the 64th minute. With the extra man, Salernitana approached the winning goal again through Chauna, who hit the post with a powerful shot. From outside the penalty area for Okoye.17:07

  • The third consecutive draw at home for Udinese, which raises its score to 24 points, bringing Lecce to 14th place and momentarily moving to +4 above the relegation zone. The first point goes to Liverani on the Salernitana bench, which returns to turn the table around after three consecutive defeats, making the points from safety zone 6, awaiting Empoli-Cagliari and Sassuolo-Verona.17:03

  • 90'+4'

    Final whistle: Udinese-Salernitana 1-1. It ends in a draw at Bluenergy Stadium.16:54

  • 90'+3'

    A corner kick taken by Thauvin was intercepted by Luca, but he failed to convert it towards the goal.16:53

  • 90'

    Four minutes of stoppage time were reported.16:50

  • 89'

    Bradaric steps forward and crosses to the near post and Chauna turns his head to find a dangerous deflection from Perez. Corner for Salernitana.16:49

  • 86'

    Fifth substitution for Salernitana. Giulio Maggiore comes out, and Mateusz Lagovski comes on.16:47

  • 86'

    Fourth substitution for Salernitana. Alessandro Zanoli exits and Junior Sambia enters.16:46

  • 84'

    A corner kick came out from the far post by Lovric, Gianetti blocked it and tried to shoot it from Ferreira, but it was saved by Maggiore excellent.16:44

  • 81'

    Corner from Candreva and a header from Pellegrino ends at the back.16:41

  • 79'

    The match resumes with Bassalidis regularly on the pitch.16:38

  • 78'

    A difficult confrontation between Luca and Bassalidis, with the Greek defender remaining on the ground in pain.16:37

  • 75'

    Second substitution for Udinese. Hassan Kamara was called to the bench, minutes for Jordan Zemora.16:35

  • 75'

    Wallace's warning. He has been suspended and will miss the Lazio-Udinese match.16:34

  • 74'

    Chauna passes back to Candreva who shoots the first goal from inside the area but lifts the shot high.16:34

  • 73'

    Second substitution for Salernitana. Konstantinos Manolas no longer has anything, his place is Triantaphilos Bassalidis.00:38

  • 73'

    Third substitution for Salernitana. Lassana Koulibaly leaves space for Iron Gomez.16:32

  • 71'

    First substitution for Salernitana. Sean Wiseman is out, Chukwubuikem Ekwuemisi is on.16:31

  • 70'

    Chona the pole! Candreva passes a cross to the far post for the Frenchman, who takes advantage of Giannetti's gap, controls his left and kicks with his right at Okoye's exit, and it collides with the post.16:30

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  • 70'

    The decision is made from the outside by Basic, who shoots poorly and does not find the target.16:29

  • 68'

    Cioffi rearranges his team in a 3-4-1-1 formation: Lovric and Wallace are the two central midfielders, with Eusebio positioned on the right wing.16:27

  • 67'

    First substitution for Udinese. Martin Bairou comes out and Kingsley Ehesbio comes in.16:26

  • 64'

    Festy Ebosele has been sent. The second yellow card for the Udinese winger, who made a clear late intervention on Bradarić.16:25

  • 62'

    What an opportunity for Kamara! Thauvin returns from the left and crosses very well for Kamara to put it at the far post, who shoots the ball from close range, but the ball rises and ends up in a curve.16:22

  • 60'

    The ball is converted by Udinese, who is looking for a hole in the Friulian defence.16:20

  • 57'

    Candreva allowed Chaouna to run deep, passed the ball to the left, then fired a powerful shot at the near post, only to find the back of the net from the outside.16:17

  • 55'

    Very high pace at the beginning of the second half.16:15

  • 52'

    THAUVIN CLOSE TO THE FEATURE! A low, powerful free kick from the Frenchman goes to Ochoa's post, but misses the goal.16:12

  • 50'

    Marco Pellegrino was warned for a challenge on the edge of the box in front of Luca.16:10

  • 47'

    Cartellino Giallo Joao Diogo Fonseca Ferreira21:22

  • 47'

    Lautaro Gianetti warned for harsh challenge on the starting line.16:08

  • 46'

    Let's start again! The beginning of the second half of the Udinese-Salernitana match. No changes in the first half.16:07

  • Cioffi can be satisfied with the reaction of his team and above all with the performances of Thauvin and Kamara, who, in addition to taking the 1-1, often created attacking conditions for the Bianconeri. However, both Lovric and Bayrou were a bit inaccurate, with Samardzic on hand to replace one of them during the second half. However, the approach worked well for Salernitana, who dropped very low after the first goal, and had difficulty restarting play, since Wiseman was often coming in to help under the ball line. Koulibaly's condition also needs to be evaluated as he appears to be suffering from pain in his shoulder.16:03

  • An intense and lively first half at the Blunergy Stadium, with Salernitana taking the lead after 10 minutes with Chaona's brilliant strike from the edge of the penalty area. Udinese responded immediately and equalized in the 13th minute with a Zanoli own goal after a cross from Thauvin, which was disallowed due to the offside of Luca, the author of the pass to Thauvin. Cioffi's team is still close to a 1-1 draw with Luka and Lovric, but the goal that brought the match back into balance did not come until the third minute of stoppage time, with a wonderful back kick from Kamara, following a cross from the left side. By Tuvin.16:00

  • 45'+5'

    End of the first half: Udinese-Salernitana 1-1. Kamara's goal responded to Chauna's goal.15:50

  • 45'+3'

    Goal! Udinese – Salernitana 1-1 Goal by Hassan Camara, Thauvin crossed into the center of the area for the Ivorian, who equalized the match with a beautiful header. The first goal in the Italian League for the class of 94.

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    Take a look at Hassan Kamara's player profile15:49

  • 45'

    Three minutes of stoppage time allowed.15:46

  • 44'

    Camara crossed to the far post for Luca, who won the aerial duel with Pellegrino, but was unable to head the ball over, which ended up in Ochoa's arms.15:48

  • 41'

    What an opportunity for Luca! Lovric passes vertically towards Luca, who alone in front of Ochoa tries to overcome the score. The shot ended up wide of the target, and Ochoa may have bumped it slightly.15:41

  • 39'

    What did Levrik waste! Ferreira sends the ball into the box for Thauvin, who backheels the ball and passes it to Lovrik, who takes control, passes the ball and extends the shot dramatically. The ball is at the bottom.15:40

  • 39'

    Kamara sent a cross to the far post with a header from Ebuselli, which Pellegrino blocked with her body.15:39

  • 36'

    Martin Bairro was warned for protesting.15:36

  • 33'

    Candreva goes vertical due to the movement of Wiseman, who breaks away from Ferreira's marking and tries to shoot a shot with his left foot, but hits it hard.15:33

  • 31'

    Koulibaly is now back on the field.15:31

  • 29'

    An intense clash in midfield between Wallace and Koulibaly, with the Salernitana midfielder getting the worst of it and remaining on the ground with a shoulder problem.15:30

  • 27'

    Thauvin passes the ball to Lovric, who turns, takes the ball to his right and shoots to the near post from inside the area, only finding the back of the net from the outside.15:27

  • 24'

    Stat: Lom Ciona, September 2003, is the youngest player to have been involved in at least five goals in the Italian League (five, as a result of two goals and three assists).15:24

  • 21'

    He starts playing again with Maggiore regularly on the pitch.15:21

  • 20'

    Problems for Maggiore, who remained on the ground in pain. The game stopped.15:20

  • 18'

    What a save Ochoa! Payero collects the ball on the right side of the Salernitana defence, turns back to the right and crosses low into the middle for Luca, who turns in a sure shot from the first goal, but is stopped by an incredible reaction from Memo.15:19

  • 16'

    Festy Ebosele warning for late intervention in Basic. He has been suspended and will miss the Lazio-Udinese match.15:17

  • 13'

    Disallowed goal against Udinese! Luca backheels the ball to pass Thauvin, who goes to the right and crosses into the middle, finding a decisive deflection from Zanoli, who beats his goalkeeper, Ochoa. But Manganiello canceled it due to Luca's offside.15:16

  • 10'

    Goal! Udinese – Salernitana 0-1 Lom Chauna! The Frenchman receives from Maggiore to the left of the top Udinese area, returns with his left foot and shoots beautifully from the edge of the area, finding the corner.

    Learn about the player profile of Loum Tchaouna15:12

    Loum TchaounaLoum Tchaouna
  • 10'

    Kamara returns to the right flank and shoots low, unable to direct the shot into the corner, which is blocked by Ochoa on the ground.15:10

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  • 8'

    Shawna is trying! The former Rennes player picks up a ball from Ferreira's left on the edge of the penalty area, moves the ball to his right and shoots into the goal. The conclusion is just a little high.15:08

  • 5'

    A direct shot from the edge of the penalty area by Bayrou, who shot it powerfully and missed the goal.15:05

  • 3'

    Some tension between Chauna and Perez immediately emerged. Manganiello calms things down with a verbal warning.15:03

  • Starting! The start of the Udinese-Salernitana match.15:01

  • Almost everything is ready at the Blunergy Stadium in Udine. Soon referee Gianluca Manganiello will start the match.15:00

  • Revolution in Salernitana, as Liverani deals with a defensive emergency (Giombre, Pieruzzi, Pirola, Fazio and Boateng), forms his team with a four-man defence, abandoning the three-man formation. Pellegrino wins the ballot with Basalidis alongside Manolas, while in attacking midfield he prefers Chauna to Kastanos. Dia again starts off the bench, with Wiseman once again the starter.14:59

  • Cioffi loses Christensen to suspension and still has to do without Pereira, who is on the bench but unavailable. Therefore, Ferreira returns to the starting lineup in defence, with Perez moving to the left-midfield position. Ebusile and Camara win their cards with Eusebio and Zemora on the wings, while the surprise is in midfield, where Samardzic starts from the bench to make room for Payero. Attacking duo Thauvin and Luca have been confirmed.15:30

  • Official formations – Salernitana lines up on the pitch in a 4-3-2-1 formation: Ochoa; Zanoli, Manolas, Pellegrino, Bradaric; Coulibaly, major, principal; Candreva, Chaona; Weisman. Available: Costile, Alluka, Bassalides, Sambia, Martigani, Simi, Dea, Gomez, Castanos, Ekwuemesi, Ferrari, Vignato, Ligovski.14:55

  • Official lineups – Udinese lines up on the pitch in a 3-5-1-1 formation: Okoye; Ferreira, Giannetti, Perez; Visti, Lovric, Wallace, Bayrou, Camara; They died. Luca. Available: Silvestri, Baddeli, Zarraga, Succes, Davis, Tekvik, Ehizibo, Brenner, Samardzic, Kabasele, Zemora, Pereira.14:54

  • On the other hand, Salernitana wants to give itself some hope, as it occupies last place in the standings with 13 points, seven points behind Verona, fourth from last, and at the moment, safe. Since Fabio Liverani's arrival to the bench, the Campania team has suffered two defeats in as many matches, conceding six goals without scoring any. In 2024, Granata won only one point compared to seven defeats.14:54

  • Udinese wants to move away with three points from the relegation zone, which is currently three points away. With a win today, Gabriele Cioffi's side will move past Lecce and Empoli, albeit temporarily, and move up to thirteenth place in the standings. However, the Friulian team must change its style at home, given that it has only achieved one win at the Blunergy Stadium, last December 30 against Bologna.14:51

  • Good evening and welcome to the live broadcast of the Udinese and Salernitana match, in the 27th round of the Italian League.14:47

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Blue Energy Stadium
    City: Udine
    Capacity: 25,144 spectators14:47

    Blue Energy StadiumBlue Energy StadiumFonti: Getty Images
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