Who are my soccer mates? Como dreams with Hartonos

Who are my soccer mates?  Como dreams with Hartonos

Turin – (e) Kick for the millions, kick for the millions. There are many misers who devote themselves to football, passion, work, tradition, and so on. Forbes put them in the ranking, in the usual annual ranking of those with the largest portfolio. And there is no shortage of curiosity. Above all, brothers Hartono, Indonesians, owners of Como who dream big: they are in fourth place with assets of $ 24.2 billion, 61st in the Forbes rating. Briefly, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Mbappe and Haaland can afford the lake’s expenses, even for personal money only. Rocco Comiso Della Fiorentina is eleventh, followed by Silvio Berlusconi Monza. In 14th place here is Dan Friedkin (Rome) with 5.5 billion dollars. In the sixteenth of the family a favour Bologna. in the eighteenth Vicenza sponsor Renzo Rosso (diesel). who, with assets of $3.1 billion, precedes Florentino Perez of Real Madrid ($2.1 billion) and John Elkann, the reference shareholder of Juventus through Exor, It has assets of $1.7 billion. Same number for John Arvidi (Cremonese) King of Steel.