Fiat, 25 years ago, anyone who wanted an electric car could actually buy one | Even then it cost one bullet

Fiat, 25 years ago, anyone who wanted an electric car could actually buy one |  Even then it cost one bullet
Fiat Electric-(motorzoom)

These are the years of absolute revolution, from an automotive perspective: everything (and everyone, or almost everyone) aims for the path of environmental sustainability and therefore “green” cars: that is, those that produce no emissions, especially electric cars.

Once upon a time there was illusion, It is almost a challenge against time and against Crystallized habits From decades and decades of history Driving cars: Then the first ones appeared Prototypes And Models Much more Futurism How reasonable. Finally?

Finally at a certain point toLevel of global interest Towards the big topic from pollution The environment has struck a chord planetary in it overall, So much so that it opens the trend it has become after all Organizational.

Now cars electricity Not only Out, They do not just inhabit our streets: they are resented not only by those who crave heat (or not by everyone, at least), but as a large group of people. an opportunity to future, In fact, towards today.

However, it must be said It certainly won’t come to this “Today” – about which much of the current perspective remains to be written: especially from the point of view of charging stations, battery life, and sales costs – From today until tomorrow accurately.

Fiat, its electric debut comes from afar

The future is being built from afar and we certainly find it among the major brands today committed to electric cars Fiat: But he has a very interesting past to investigate on this path. Really good Twenty-five years There used to be an electrical appliance you could buy: it cost a lot, of course. But it was there. And it wasn’t even First model.

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Fiat’s past tells us what is so famous fiat panda elettra, The first green model in history: but then, in 1998, He got there “Electra of the sixteenth century”: An emblem of how Fiat actually expects to compete. Fiat presented this alternative model for everyone, that is, the classic city car, but in a sustainable electric version.


Fiat 600 Elettra, the company’s first true electric car

I had had four seats, It should be considered the company’s first true electric car to be marketed. Compared to his “predecessor”, he had some performance Suitable for single use today in city: Obviously that was nearly thirty years ago, so comparisons with today’s electric cars wouldn’t make sense.

With the top speed being just over i 100 kilometers per hour, aIt took eight hours to recharge because twenty-five years ago there was no such thing as charging mode fast charging. As for the price, it’s not entirely clear, but it seems that, net of the exchange rate, it might be worth it today 22 thousand euros That’s by saying 44 million liras From the time that was.

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