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From Federica Banderali

Presenter Dazn was filmed in St. Moritz with the model. According to rumors, they have been a couple for a few months now. But the couple did not want to confirm the relationship

Diletta Leotta After her relationship with Can Yaman ends, she decides to keep quiet about her private life. Except for some of the pictures she sees with her best friend and family. Rumors that have been circulating since the fall of 2021 want to link it to the Giacomo Cavalli model of the historical elite agency. The journalist, Dazen’s face with Cavalli, and the photos published by Weekly Che are photographed on newsstands today, January 12, 2021..

The couple was surprised at Engadin in St. Moritz. Leotta allows herself a moment of relaxation and coffee at the historic Hanselmann pastry shop, in the company of the model. The two are laughing and joking in the sunshine, certainly in one of the most popular spots in the famous Swiss city town. So far, the only pictures of the two of them together since their relationship rumor started spreading. The model, who holds a master’s degree from Bocconi University in Milan, has 58,000 followers on Instagram.

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