Macbeth by Verdi at La Scala, broadcast live by Prima-

from Enrico Girardi

La Prima della Scala lives on with our critic’s comments

He goes on stage today on Rai1 from 17.45 la before Scala, Macbeth by Verdi
Interpreted by Luca Salce, Anna Netrebko, Francesco Meli and Eldar Abdrazakov, they are names now known to the common people of Sant’Ambrogio Scaligero because they all took part in them on various occasions. Their performance is directed by Ricardo Chile At the head of the House Orchestra. while direction David Livermore. will follow the show, Tragedy in four actsMinute by minute with the polemic comments of our critic Enrico Girardi.

21.55 Twelve minutes of applause, but some good news for director David Livermore

21.45 The final ending, with a restoration of Macbeth’s death scene, confirms everything that has been heard so far. Macbeth level. Applause Yes, no victory!

21.25 The role of an absolute ruler in hallucinatory-suffering does not, of course, fit with Netrebko’s vocals, but the Russian sopranos give a lesson in professionalism, technique and sensitivity that should only be commended, although some of them are not in perfect harmony. applause

21.16 Here is the scenery of sleepwalking. Anna Netrebko plays everything.

21.12 Francesco Milli’s “Macduff’s Scene and Aria” moment beautiful colors and clean, musical craftsmanship, plus a well-deserved tenor ring. Capalita was also good, heroic but not pandey.

21.00 The final sequel to Finale III sees Macbeth and the Lady together again: a duet in which Salcee can tap into his sheer volume while Netrebko struggles, all the while securing what he owes. Now the final chapter can begin.

20.44 In the main scene of the apparitions that open up Finale III, Luca Salce finds compelling accents and praiseworthy rhetoric in “The Piano” and “Home”.

20.37 The written dances of the Paris Opera (in the sense of the inner workings) seem to be more than the dance in a traditional way. Izralov’s choreography is excellent in this sense. Very good Chailly and orchestra!

20.30 After an irresistible opening, the choir of witches makes a good impression in “Three Times Meow”!

19.36 The show deserves a letter for s. I will limit myself to saying that the high-tech here is the ultimate explanatory tool. It is not understood! interval time. See you in chapter three.

19.34 The boarding school, vision, and end is an essential part of the business. Indoor ghost school and reading chile confirm this very well. We miss the moment when all this tension finds its outlet. This disciplined salsa struggles a little more than usual.

19.18 After the Assassins, Banquo’s great moment, which Eldar Abdul Razzakov makes good use of because he shows a sharp and calm style. Beautiful beautiful “as falling from the sky”! And the high notes that didn’t scream beautiful. Too bad his character has to die so soon..

19.00 There just isn’t enough to make the awesome Finale I part of the squad. But this did not happen. Indeed, the sense of dread over Duncano’s death is powerful and powerful, but the reaction is elegant.. How beautiful is your “anger”!!! 100% green! Well, the chorus is strong but not rough.

18.56 In Grand Scene and Duet, Chailly maintains an entirely inner tension that helps the pair’s vocals stay in the same psychological dimension. Netrebko is now even better!

18.42 Good that the backstage rally arrives “smoothly”, without the cliched weight of certain performances from “Verdi I”! The dialogue between the spouses is effective in its bitterness. Now comes their duo..

18.37 First Cavatina of Ms. Unforgettable appearance Anna Netrebko seems to be trying to darken the tone.. The voice “dances” a bit but when it can “link” we hear the Netrebko we know. Better in the cabaletta than in the cantabile that precedes it.. Applause and some boo.

18.25 Notable contrast to the tempo in the big 2 part: an introductory clip features the duo Macbeth Banquo, keen to make the dialogue darker and more subtle than the stentorians. On the triumph stage are skyscrapers that are reflected in each other. Check out the witches’ final choir.

18.17 There is nothing of magic in the choir of magicians that are frequented by so many.

18.11 Open scene introduction showing a murder (by Duncano?) in advance. A very gentle voice in the orchestra…

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