Maria de Filippi was disappointed. Reason

A few weeks after the men and women said goodbye, Andrea Nicole revealed that Maria de Filippi was upset

Andrea Nicole crying over men and women (Sceen Mediaset)

Andrea Nicholl left studio men and women with syriani Lately, it has left great astonishment not only among the public, but mainly among opinion leaders Gianni Sperti e Tina Cibulari who were sure of his feeling Luca Salatino.

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As for the web, the former person now Tronista and his fiancé, his current friend, will not last long and in the meantime Luca Salatino He could soon exact his revenge by assuming the classic throne.

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Andrea Nicole on Maria de Filippi

Andrea Nicholl
Andrea Nicole and Maria De Filippi (Instagram)

Andrea Nicholl She finally came out of the closet days after she left the dating show by talking to New TV: “Maria de Filippi was disappointed, but because she expected a different end, she still reached out to me.”. as always, Canal Queen 5 She never denies herself and always proves that she is that kind and intelligent woman as everyone describes her, without any discrimination, not even for those who disappoint her.

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No more chatter, the former Valtronista is very happy with it syriani And she herself said that they are ready for an important step: “We want to live together. We want to see each other as much as possible because I live in Milan and he is in Rome”. So, the couple is already ready to live together and they can be the first lucky ones after that Joel Milan and Matthew Ferravanti Who didn’t bring much joy to the dating show.

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