A new digital land is also underway in the North

The New Year opens at the switch. after Sardinia – which reorganized its TV frequencies between November 15 and January 4 – now it is up to northern Italy. In fact, from January 3 to March 9, it’s time to reset the channels Daosta ValleyAnd PiedmontAnd Lombardy (except for the province of Mantua) and in the provinces PiacenzaAnd Trento e Bolzano. From February 9 to March 14 Veneto, boycott mantova, the Friuli Venezia Giulia and theEmilia Romagna. Finally, on March 8, 2022, national televisions will activate Mpeg-4 encoding, which will allow viewing of programs in high quality only for those who have a TV that supports this technology, while preserving (if they wish) the simultaneous broadcasts of the old Mpeg-2 encoding but On numbers 500 to 509.

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For citizens not authorized to see the new digital terrestrial system – taking advantage of government bonuses – the only thing left to do is to equip themselves with a new TV or decoder. In this scenario there is a platform that has already turned it off, the package with high visual and audio quality has already tested it and can be climbed with a small investment. It is called TivùSat and it is the Italian free digital satellite platform created by Tivù srl. It has a package with more than 160 channels, of which 60 are in HD (on digital terrestrial about ten) and seven are in 4K (Ultra HD). Then 40 radio channels. There is something for every taste: entertainment, movies, TV series, kids and teens programmes, documentaries, news (also based on great international broadcasters and 23 regional Rai news programmes) and a lot of free football all provided by Rai and Mediaset. Really wide TV show. From 2009 to date, 4,440,000 TivùSat smart cards have been activated by users and Auditel estimates that 2,777,000 TivùSat families are active in their first homes. The platform is capable of reaching the entire national territory and broadcasting from Hotbird satellites of the Eutelsat fleet (13ø East).

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Turn off LO

This is also why, in times of closing, it appears that the goal of 5 million active cards can really be achieved in a relatively short period of time. To enter the world of TivùSat, simply install the satellite dish, purchase a TivùSat-certified device (decoder or camera) and activate the smart card inside the box. The TivùSat certified set-top box is compatible with any type of TV and the cost ranges from 120 to 160 euros, depending on the brands and services offered. Instead the camera, estimated to cost between 90 and 110 euros, needs a new generation of television. A one-time expense, mitigated by the possibility to take advantage of the TV bonus and above all lasts over time. There is also a new facility for seniors over 70 who will be able to pick up the receiver at home.

How does the bonus work

In fact, the rewards for the purchase of a new TV will also be broadcast in 2022. The initiative of the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti – included in the exercise – refinances the 68 million euros incentive for those who have an old TV at home that does not comply with the new broadcast standards of the digital terrestrial. According to some estimates, the measure will reach more than 5 million families overall. More than positive forecasts come from Ares, the Italian association of specialist retailers of home appliances that brings together major distribution groups, from Euronics to Unieuro and even Mediaworld.

no plata

Almost 150 million have already been disbursed to 2.5 million families. With another 170 available, between stocks and the new 68 million, it will exceed 5 million. The discount can be up to 130 euros with a new purchase. But the important news is mainly for those over 70 who will receive the decoder directly at home. Facility for those with an income of up to €20,000 per year. “I am particularly satisfied with this rule – explained Giorgetti – which will allow millions of Italians over the age of 70 to face this transition to digital television without any inconvenience.

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The 68 million that arrived with the budget law will be added to the unspent funds from the previous endowment, so for 2022 there are about 170 million euros available. Technically, the process of supporting people over 70 years old will be possible thanks to an agreement between the Ministry of Economic Development and the Italian Post Office. The process that will allow the receiver to be connected to the house. The activation of the service will absorb 5 million euros of resources. The bonus is paid in the form of a discount that the seller applies to the price of the purchased product.

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