Previous Bertin Osborne, a revealing scene at the time of the birth of a new baby

Previous Bertin Osborne, a revealing scene at the time of the birth of a new baby

Intimate life series Bertin Osborne About to write the conclusion of a moving chapter. On December 31, my love Gabriela Guillén will give birth To a child, according to his testimony, the son of the broadcaster and singer. Norberto himself first recognized it in that terrifying announcement of his seventh paternity to his family 69 years old. Two months ago, he regretted his words and leaked that he would ask the newcomer to take a DNA test. He casts suspicion on the mother in retaliation for what he considers a systematic flogging, which means talking more. Another penalty, cutting off the economic tap. He has not spent the euro for a while. It even left him without a godfather. However, Gabe hasn't stopped throwing some uncomfortable confidence directly and indirectly. So we're almost at 2024, with one conflict And a child at the gates.

Talking about Secretswho made another one Bertin ex In the middle of Street A One of the daughters of singer Eugenia Ortiz Domecq. A potentially bitter encounter: perhaps with Chabeli Navarro, the other woman who claimed to have gotten pregnant by Osbourne? maybe extriunfita Inna? Is there more to list? No, it's about the most important couple, official husband for two decades, despite witnesses who accuse him of a passionate double, triple and quadruple sex life: the Venezuelan Fabiola Martinez. They have been separated since 2021, and the breakup was not easy. Many years of marriage, two children and one with a special health condition, and even a foundation born from the problems of a young child… For Martinez to start it on his own would not be a whim. I will see something clearly there. He cannot be trusted. The bitterness in talking about his ex-wife was even constant .the great explosion From the Bertin Relations Festival. Things have changed.

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Fabiola Martinez and Bertin Osborne / Telecinco

Fabiola mutated until she became one of him Allies, leaving the lovers like dirty rags, denying them, and acting as a wall against the tsunami of accusations against them. Always officially two meters away from the ex-husband's messes, but without letting it fall completely. Curious, or maybe not so much. They have spent half their lives together and it seems that Fabiola's disappointment was not the result of falling in love. Love must be there because some situations are unforgivable, like a child saying something.It was not an unwanted pregnancy, just an accident. But I'll take chargeWhat “It blows me away” Whatever Gabriela Guillén says…or so, in general, in life. With this atmosphere of greatness everything is untenable. Just Blindfolded It can make you ignore it. One of love

Gabriela Guillén/Antena 3

Martinez follows Very connected In Bertin, apart from the motherhood of children itself, he demonstrates this through his encounters with other children of the presenter of the Sur channel. Here we enter into the story of the meeting with Eugenia, for which the paparazzi chased her Conversation with emotional air Before getting into the car together. We see the former Venezuelan model in a miserable state, as she touches her nose in a revealing movement. sadPensive, anxious and even a little distressed. Eugenia listens to him and gets into the car seriously before leaving the place. Fabiola I wasn't a happy personIn these crucial hours, reading is necessarily in Moftah Bertin & Sons. make sure not”He blows it“All of this. Especially since it is perception that leaves people everywhere affected.

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Fabiola Martinez with Eugenia Osborne/Chance

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