Maria de Filippi, terrifying confession on Anbeta: “It was bad…”

Maria de Filippi, terrifying confession on Anbeta: “It was bad…”

Do you remember the dancer Anbita de Amici? Presenter Maria de Filippi called her “the ugly duckling”.

There are a lot of former competitors friends who, once their version was over, remained at the school as permanent members of the cast. This happened for years especially with the dancers, who officially began to be part of the program’s ballet troupe. Among the most famous alumni, it stands out above all Anbita Toromaniwho participated in the second edition in 2002, when he was 23 years old.

Maria de Filippi and Anbita Toromani –

The Albanian dancer did not win that year, but she ranked first second place. Instead, the singer won Julia OtonelloAnother singer, Timothy Snell, came in third. After this silver medal, the girl joined the Talent Dance Troupe as a teacher and professional and collaborated with a school Maria de Filippi for ten years.

Several editions ago, he suddenly left the broadcast without giving much explanation to the audience. Today he continues to dance and has founded his own school. He worked in several important theaters in Italy and Europe, and also collaborated with legends from the world of dance such as Carla Fracci.

Anbeta Toromani, when Maria de Filippi called her “the ugly duckling”

today is career path career path By Anbeta Toromani Continues at full speed. A woman has dreamed of walking this road since she was a child, so much so that she has become there The first ballerina The Opera House in Tirana, Albania, when she was very young. At the age of twenty-three, she moved to Italy and decided to participate in the Maria De Filippi program, which was only in its second edition.

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Here he immediately pointed out his talent and formed a strong friendship with the dancer cladyfellow countryman, a very strict teacher Alessandra Celentano. The host of the show, as reported by, revealed a my knowledge In one of their first meetings, they explained that the girl was very shy and booked upBut the dance showed itself.

Anbeta Toromani –

to merriva This slender, blond-haired, skinny creature who gets on the stands without talking to anyone. He was like an ugly duckling. At one point he starts dancing and takes a hit. She is really very good, very interested in herself, but also generous. She attached herself to a girl, who was probably the only one she spoke to, and every time she ended up challenging, she would offer herself in his place.“.

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