March 31, 2023

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Ferrari Under Attack by Ransomware Hackers: 7GB of Secret Documents Online

Ferrari’s new computer stolen Hacker attack using ransomware With the looting of 7 GB of confidential documents. According to the site Red Hot CyberAnd the Several internal documents, as well as repair manuals and large data sets, were allegedly stolen by Cavallino. Ferrari had already been involved in a similar attack when it was a cybergang Everst top has hit Speroni Spawhich supplies components for sports cars. On that occasion, data and projects from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati were published and offered for sale, but Maranello’s IT infrastructure was not affected. A ransomware attack involves infiltrating an information system followed by a ransom demand to return to using data that the hackers made unread. This type of hacking attack usually happens in a “silent” manner, that is, without the victim noticing it, until the ransom request arrives. In this case the cybergang ransomWho claimed responsibility for the attack, put the stolen data from Ferrari online, allowing it to be freely downloaded.

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