Science: Reggio, Cosmos Prize 2022 goes to Jimena Canales – Calabria

Science: Reggio, Cosmos Prize 2022 goes to Jimena Canales – Calabria

Also acknowledgment of Guido Tonelli, Concerto by Nicola Biovani

(ANSA) – Reggio Calabria, Oct 03 – Jimena Canales’ book Shadow of the Devil won the 2022 Cosmos Prize. Professor Guido Tonelli was awarded the Student Prize. Thus concluded the 2022 edition of the Cosmos Festival, an international fair for science, culture and society held in Reggio Calabria.

“To seal the great success of the event promoted by the Metropolitan City – as stated in a note – the extraordinary concert of Nicola Biovani” Music is Dangerous “and which attracted the audience of the theater” Francesco Chilia “in Reggio Calabria. In the evening, perfectly in keeping with the motions and feelings aroused by all the dates ” Cosmos” these days, especially among so many young students who were the real heroes.”

The closing ceremony was attended by the Acting Mayor of the Metropolitan City, Carmelo Versace and the Counselor of Culture of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria Irene Calabro, and the Delegate of the Counsellor for Culture, Filippo Quarcio, Director of the Culture Sector of the City of the Capital. , Giuseppina Attanasio, Director of the Planetarium Pythagoras Angela Misiano and all members of the Scientific Committee of Cosmos with Gianfranco Bertone.

“It was Professor Futano, on behalf of the Scientific Jury—Memorandum Reports—along with Versace, who handed over the 2022 Cosmos Prize for Scientific Publishing to Jimena Canales whose editorial work was selected as the winner among five finalists. Other authors such as Guido Tonelli, Patrizia Caraveo, Arik Kershenbaum and David Lindley. All authors were honored with brooches made by master goldsmith Gerardo Sacco and delivered by Quartuccio’s advisor.”

“In this exceptional setting – as Versace said – we celebrate culture, beauty, science, commitment and merit. All the concepts that underlie this very important award and in the framework of the 2022 Cosmos.” (Dealing).

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