Ladies’ Paradise Evolution Friday, September 8: What will happen between the series’ protagonists?

Ladies’ Paradise Evolution Friday, September 8: What will happen between the series’ protagonists?

Ladies’ paradise Success confirmed: This is what will happen on Friday, September 8th. An unexpected twist.

Among the most successful soaps made in Italy Ladies’ paradise About to debut with the new season. Broadcast every day at 16.05 on Rai Uno, this fantasy enjoys a wide following and conquers a new segment of viewers year after year. Set during the economic boom of the 1960s, the series tells the ups and downs of all those who revolve around the famous Milanese department store.

Against the background of all the historical changes in modern times Ladies’ paradise Stories of love, passion and intrigue are told. The protagonist of the first episodes of the new season, which will debut on September 11, is Countess Adelaide. The woman is hiding a secret, which Marcelo will reveal. Moreover, Vittorio Conte will have to suppress his love for Matilda. The woman is actually married to Tancredi, her professional rival.

Waiting to know the details of the events of the new version of the series, these days, viewers can enjoy the latest news Episodes aired prior to the summer break. Crucial points to better understand what will happen in the new season, but above all implicitly announcing what to expect from future developments. Fans of Italian series made in Italy can expect an exciting season full of twists and turns.

Ladies Paradise, September 8 episode

The Friday, September 8 episode precedes the broadcast of the new season of the series Ladies’ paradise. Fans’ attention is above all else On the fate of Vittorio Conte and the confrontation between Marco and Gemma. Here’s what’s happening on Friday, September 8th. Salvatore is happy that Marcello has paid all the cafeteria bills: a very welcome surprise. Meanwhile Marcelo sees Ludovica again after a long time and discovers that she is now a married woman. Gemma reveals to Marco, who clears it up with Roberto, that his child. Vittorio Conti has finally discovered some background on Tancredi, and is reluctant to reveal what he knows to Matilda.

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The Ladies’ Paradise Vittorio vs Matilde-photo Instagram

The episode ends with Conte watching from his office window the party he is throwing Celebrating the opening of the new Moda Galleria, the new store opened by Tancredi where Matilda also works. It is clear that the presence of Galleria Moda in the new season will force Conte to re-evaluate some aspects of Il Paradiso delle Signore. This will make him more competitive and interesting, and this will lead him to a live confrontation with Matilda.

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