Al Rosser Community Center receives 854 nougats and other Christmas products from a charitable donation from Virginias

Al Rosser Community Center receives 854 nougats and other Christmas products from a charitable donation from Virginias

The Rosser Social Center, the municipal facility that relies on the People’s Services and Social Rights area of ​​the Reus City Council, received 854 nougat bars and 360 boxes of chips on Monday, December 18. These Christmas foods will be distributed to users of the Social Dining Room – either in person, to take away or at home – from the Social Pantry and from the rest of the centers in the food distribution network of the Food Store Management Program responsible for Reus, located in different areas of the city. For the past three years, on these dates, the Virginia company has been donating nougat and other sweets to Reus’ Responsible Food Management program, which is now run from this facility.

Al-Rosser Social Center
Since November 2022, Al-Rosser Social Center has been operating at full capacity and provides the following services:

  • Limited Accommodation Service: Limited Accommodation Service accommodates 16 people, over eighteen years of age. In addition to caring for resident persons, laundry or shower services are also provided during the day for other people who need it. The aim is to meet the temporary accommodation needs of adults in a situation of social exclusion in a good reception space that provides social stability that facilitates the ability to develop action plans with greater guarantees of support and competence.

  • Social Dining Room: Currently, the Social Dining Room at Al Roser Community Center is the only one in the city. New kitchen facilities and a larger staff working there allow it to prepare 240 meals a day, and it also has the ability to store food and preserve meals that are personally served, take-away or at home.

  • Social Pantry: The Social Pantry is a new way of serving people who are deemed by Reus City Council’s team of social services specialists to be in need of food assistance. With this system, a person chooses what he needs from shelves and a refrigerator full of fresh and packaged food, according to the points system developed by social services.

  • Cafeteria: The cafeteria is a shared space between the people who use this social facility and the rest of the public, especially the students and teachers of the Gabriel Ferrater i Soler Institute, located next to the center, and the neighborhood adjacent to the area. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 7.45am to 11.45am, from which time the space becomes the social dining room.

  • Reus’ Responsible Food Management Program: Both the Social Dining Room and Social Pantry receive fresh and cooked food from Reus’ Responsible Food Management Program, which is managed out of the El Roser Community Centre.

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next generation
The Roser Social Center construction project has received a grant of €1,342,275.58 from the European Next Generation Funds, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, according to the Social Aid Program of the Department of Social Rights. From the state of Catalonia as part of the line of investment in new residential and daycare centers and the redesign of existing ones.

For more information about Elroser Social Center, you can refer to the website

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