Mid-term USA 2022, is a victory for Democrats in the Senate – North America

Mid-term USA 2022, is a victory for Democrats in the Senate – North America

Democrats retain control of the Senate for another two years thanks to Catherine Cortez Masto’s pivotal victory in Nevadawith which they achieve significant success Joe Biden.

“We have the majority” in the Senate and “we are now focused on Georgia,” Joe Biden said, celebrating the victory of the Democrats who retain control of the Senate. “I am not surprised by the turnout, I am very happy with it because I think it reflects the quality of our candidates.”

The victorious liberal senator says: “This is a victory and a revenge for the party. The voters rejected the Republican Maga.” Chuck SchumerWho will retain the leadership of the Senate Democrats. The Nevada result — where the president’s party also won the secretary of state race with Cisco Aguilar — was another cold shower for Republicans in this midterm election, which they faced optimistic in anticipation of a red wave. This has not been the case: the Democrats have maintained control of the Senate and the House of Representatives are running to lose far fewer seats than expected.

Cortez Masto He defeated Adam Laxalt, the candidate backed by Donald Trump, and gave the Liberals the 50th seat in the Senate, to which is added the crucial vote for Vice President Kamala Harris. The Conservatives, on the other hand, are counting on 49 seats. There is only one person left, but it will be decided on December 6 by a ballot in Georgia between Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker. The heavy defeat of the old grand party in Nevada adds to those in Arizona and Pennsylvania, and fuels debate within the party that appears increasingly divided. Conservative Senator Josh Hawley tweeted after the result of the Nevada vote: “He’s dead. Time to bury him and build something new.”

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Trump-backed candidates have lost all or most of the vote, and many conservatives hold the former president – including Fox, the businessman’s former spokeswoman – responsible for the Republican disaster. Trump has been rejecting accusations for days and a counterattack: according to rumors, he is embroiled in a whirlwind of phone calls to blame his enemy Mitch McConnell for the defeat. Control of the Senate is a significant victory for Biden, whose midterm elections showed the party far beyond expectations and historical precedents. The success, the provocation of some observers, could prompt Biden to reconsider his potential candidacy for 2024. Taking a step back would allow him to depart after he made history and at the height of success. For Biden, this may be a temptation, but we will have to wait, as the president himself said, until the beginning of next year to find out his decision.

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