How is the planet? Ilaria Capua in theatre: “Science leaves the Academy”

How is the planet?  Ilaria Capua in theatre: “Science leaves the Academy”

People, the environment, human health and the health of the planet: closely related forms of life. A relationship that we know well now but is not always easy to explain. with “Health circular talkThethral Show Produced by AbocaIlaria Capua attempts to do so in a simple and evocative manner, approaching the subject from a scholarly, historical, and cultural point of view.

The theatrical performance created by Abuka “Health Circular Talk”

Round talk of health

The world, on each stage, is joined by a different artist: Antonella AtiliAnd Ludo Jinzi And Francis Reggiani. After leaving Perugia on April 27, the show kicked off at Bologna’s MAST Auditorium on Tuesday, May 2 and will move to the Nicolini Theater in Florence this evening, May 3.

How healthy is our planet? How does it affect our lives? Ilaria Capua is trying to educate the public about the extent of the whole system we live in ongoing relationship. uno Dialogue with the artists, in the case of yesterday with Lo Stato Sociale singer and actor, always moving between revealing and entertaining.

Ilaria Capua and Lodo Guenzi

the “strange pairOn stage at Bologna’s MAST Auditorium, as the virologist herself put it, I traveled as at every rendezvous through history to investigate the lives of the women and men of the past who changed science and our worldview, the discoveries that helped humanity flourish, but also the harmful effects of exploiting the Earth and its resources. .

the goal isChildren’s educationCapua tells Corriere della Sera. Indeed, the new generations are the most sensitive and most active in the fight against climate change and they are also the most at risk if immediate action is not taken to put an end to the crisis.

In support of the scientist are three artists: Antonella Attili, Ludo Guenzi and Francesca Reggiani

Unfortunately, this is evidenced by what happened and is happening in these very hours Emilia-Romagnawith the bad weather which destroys the area, with Floods, floods, landslides and the evacuation of citizens to escape torrents.

phenomena of this kind, but also droughts and fires, very high temperaturesare now becoming increasingly frequent and unpredictable, and are a symptom of the health of our ecosystem that is relentlessly worsening.

Entertainment and disclosure

Virologist, one of the most authoritative Italian scientists at the international level, Senior Fellow in Global Health at Johns Hopkins University, with her guests on stage is a dialogue between art and science, consisting of sounds and images, terms that go compose a new vocabulary for humanity.

“He will deliver the words of yesterday, today and tomorrow to the audience. L Thinking and generating awareness Concerning the relationship that binds all living beings, ”he declared to Il Resto del Carlino. On the occasion of Bologna, an homonymous article by Capua, published by Aboca Edizioni, was also presented.

Through the stories of the men and women who changed science and helped humanity survive, Capua aims to raise public awareness of the urgent need for a change of direction in environmental matters.

Briefly You need to leave too From communication to creating discussion, to igniting the spark needed for understanding with urgency Transformation. What then are the words for the future? “Commitment, fairness and respect. “We will only succeed if we keep these three concepts in mind,” he told the newspaper.

This evening, May 3, the theatrical performance will be in Florence, Al Teatro Nicolini, from the 21.00 show. On stage with the actress Francis Reggiani.

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