He suffers from a rare disease

He suffers from a rare disease

Marriage, two sons, a well-established profession. Rav Couldn’t ask for better in life, but the past few years haven’t always been easy for the singer, who has been married since 1996 with… Gabriella LabetIn the recent past, he had to deal with some health problems of his wife.

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Raf’s wife, Gabriella Labette, suffers from a rare disease

Talking about the recent past is Labate herself on social media, as reported by the online portal Rumors. In her account, the woman notes that she went through a difficult diagnosis “of a very rare disease that was discovered on an ordinary morning.”

It all started, almost by accident, one morning four years ago, when she found herself “having a very serious health problem”. “Before that, I was putting apples in the cart and soon after I wasn’t looking at anything through the ambulance’s windshield and my head was in a mess of sirens. They hospitalized me for about two months at Al Jumaili Hospital.”

“In this period of uncertainty and fear, I often look back and see myself 14 kilos less and a long scar extending from chest to pubic. One of those things that from second to second turns your life upside down and pushes you into the abyss, a nightmare” continued wife singer.

Added to the difficult diagnosis is a tragic accident in New York. After a trip, Gabriella fell on an iron pole, forcing her to undergo surgery. He decides to return to Rome for surgery, but is the victim of a case of medical malpractice. During local anesthesia, her lung was accidentally punctured: “For 5 days I asked for help, I was sick. My husband saw me with a purple mouth. I only had one lung, the other collapsed, and I was told I was having a panic attack. They drugged me and operated on me anyway. It is a miracle that he woke up.” A really incredible case of medical malpractice, but unfortunately not very isolated.

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A judicial proceeding has been initiated regarding the incident. Pending the outcome of the trial, Gabriella will try to leave this bad story behind and look to the future with confidence.

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