June 5, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Marcela Bella attacks Ornella Vanoni in response to a hater. «Can I ask your surgeon to perform plastic surgery on you» – Corriere.it

A photo promoting her participation in “Dominica Eno” on May 21 turned into an unprovoked and unprovoked attack on Ornella Fagnoni. Which hasn’t responded yet anyway (and probably never will). First things first: Marcella Bella makes a Facebook post announcing to her followers that she will be a guest on Mara Venier and after the episode, among the many fans who gave her compliments and sweet words, there is also a hater. The singer is criticized for his appearance. “But who is the surgeon who abandoned your face for 30 years? It is possible that we do not know the name … ».

The reaction of the artist’s loyalists from Catania was immediate, lining up in his defense, attacking in no uncertain terms the person who accused Marcella Bella of having undergone some aesthetic revision. At a certain point in the discussion, the singer himself also intervenes, who reacts wryly to the insinuation, making Fanoni play himself. “I’m sorry to disappoint you but my mother has left me some very good DNA. In fact I still have my features and always the same face, in keeping with my age – Marcella Bella writes -. However, since you need it so much, I can ask a vane surgeon or other colleague how many great plastic surgeons can do your face again. Sorry they didn’t invent anything for the brain. You must keep it like this with me. Kisses.