Alessandro Bacciano and Gianmaria Antinolfi “Bisexual” / confirms Mirjana and Manila, is it a joke?

Are Gianmaria Antinolfi and Alessandro Bacciano bisexual?

A while ago at home big brother vip There was a revelation, which might be surprising if confirmed. lulu Speaking to Jucas Casella, he said that it is Janmaria Antinolfi That Alessandro Bacciano would be bisexual. Mirjana and Manila confirmed, while the Sicilian magician responded with a terse sentence, “There’s nothing wrong with that…”. Being Giucas Casella is reasonable to think of as a joke on the part of the girls from the house. The joke, however, is made vaguely believable by the fact that all the audience noticed that the two boys, after an initial lack of feeling, motivated by a common interest in Sophie Codegoni, got too close.

In one of the many chats in the park a few days ago, Alessandro Bacciano Trusting his friend, he said, “Who would have thought… We are here, like this, at this hour. Have you thought about it?” and answer Janmaria Antinolfi Everyone has a little displaced: “Yes. Confirmation.” Furthermore, on Monday’s episode, they both swapped the vote for immunity. Is there anything more between the two of them than just friendship?

Especially likes, antecedents for big brother VIP: from Sarah Nile and Veronica Chiardi to Diane Melo and Rosalinda

This strange revelation exploded in big brother vip related Alessandro Bacciano and Gianmaria Antinolfi It wouldn’t be the first of a kind. In fact, rumors were confirmed, players could, years later, follow in the footsteps of the first memorable couple who became so in the Big Brother Vip house. It was the 2010 edition, the tenth to be exact, when Sarah Neale and Veronica Ciardi made Italian headlines for their unexpected love story born inside the Cinecittà house. Their special friendship soon turned into a fall in love that fans simply called “dream.” Today Veronica and Sarah moved in and they are both happily married. Ciardi swore eternal love to Federico Bernardeschi after a union that has been going on since 2016 (with a temporary hiatus) and the birth of her daughter, Deva. Sarah Neal, on the other hand, is married to businessman Pierluigi Montoro and became Noah’s mother in April. Hence it becomes impossible not to return to a ship.”rosmelo That a lot of vip animation last year with special love between Diane Melo and Rosalinda She persisted between affirmations and denials for several months even after the reality show ended.

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