Maurizio Costanzo, a serious injury to his ex-wife: “I can’t breathe …”

Maurizio Costanzo, a serious injury to his ex-wife: “I can’t breathe …”

These are very difficult hours for the ex-wife of Maurizio Costanzo who finds herself dealing with a rather difficult health situation. But what happened to that woman who once shared her life with one of Italian television’s greatest journalists?

Saturday, October 15, it was broadcast on Al Rai channels The second episode of Dancing with the Stars. She was the one who made the first show, Ex-wife of Maurizio CostanzoMarta Flavy who was able to count on her dance partner, Simon Arena.

Maurizio Costanzo Web Source

After his performance, it was so Fabio Canino The first to judge what he saw, explaining that his performance was not like the one seen in the first episode. But what happened in Marta Fluffy Who pushed her for not doing her best?

Judgment after his performance

After her performance was Marta Flavy The five judges judge her To play this role within the program Dancing with the Stars . Caroline Smith used very harsh words, just like Fabio Canino who described her words Exhibition like something It wasn’t 100% perfect. Instead, Canino added another comment to his earlier ruling saying: “Simon was so charged he was pulling you in, Marta, but you tend to slow him down.”

Later I also wanted to say his word dance teacher Which made it clear that Marta Fluffy is currently there health conditions He’s not quite perfect and he danced with someone Cracked rib and painful shoulder.

This is the performance that was judged then disastrous Because both judges were kind to her. his presence Dancing with the Stars Now he’s on the line because he only managed to get home last week 29 points It will end like this bottom ranking. Fortunately, even during this episode Marta Fluffy and Simon Arena They managed it keep their place So you have the opportunity to give your best for the next week.

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Health conditions of Marta Flavi

after performing it, Fabio Canino then leave him Rule, As we read on the website: “As it also happens in the theater, the second performance is always a bit underpowered compared to the first. It seemed to me that you were dancing with the handbrake….”

Marta Flavi, ex-wife of web resource Maurizio Costanzo

And at that point Marta Fluffy wanted and wanted give an explanation To clarify the whole question:
“I danced with a cracked rib. I really do have a little cracked rib. I can’t breathe, I can not breatheI miss everything

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