“I will propose a ban on job acquisition.”

“I will propose a ban on job acquisition.”

In the Industry, Research and Energy Committee of the European Parliament (All three) appears a Reports About the Sciences And his freedom.
From a pandemic Coronavirus disease We return to talking about science several times, especially after the controversy surrounding the vaccine that was supposed to stop the infection. From that moment on, science was on everyone’s lips: how to use it, why and what limits it should have.
He is a Member of the European Parliament for the European People’s Party Christian Ahler Which suggests reviewing scientific research.
A report dedicated to freedom and eliminating the limits that are considered an obstacle.
However, some important clarifications are still missing, he said Francesca DonatoMEP for non-members of the European Parliament.

Completely missing from the report – Donato explains – Any mention of other indispensable requirements and importance that scientific research must have, those Of integrity And IndependenceThe Rapporteur refers several times to the Bonn Declaration.
But this is precisely what Eller’s report promotes, rather than its own, why these defects should exist.
Protect responsible research integrity and ethical boundaries“This, as Donato explains, is a fundamental principle in the declaration put forward by the German MEP.

However, Donato argues that some “limitations” should be maintained: for example freedom from political interests. Here the limit lies in the ban.”thats it – Sciences – It turns into a usable tool a Harmful purposes For society or individuals“.
The independence of scientific research means protecting researchers from retaliation and censorship to which they may be exposed by academic institutions themselves, political institutions, or the media, due to studies, conclusions, and plans that deviate from what is recognized or chosen as scientific truth in a given society. A particular moment and context“.

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From an ethical point of view, Donato attacks research”Job acquisition“:”Finished Under confidentiality in laboratories Security, for military purposes, consists of modifying pathogens such as viruses or bacteria to make them more aggressive and deadly.
It is clear that this type of research cannot produce any useful results for humanity or any individual.
Furthermore, it carries a very serious risk of contamination both to the researchers performing it and to the surrounding environment in the event of a laboratory leak.“It is sufficient to recall the opposing hypothesis in the time of the epidemic regarding Covid’s escape from the laboratory Wuhan. The hypothesis was confirmed by the New York Post a short time ago.

The European Parliament’s appeal is not intended to be just a reminder, but a promise to intervene: “I made my amendments to the text proposed by the German member of the Scientific Research Society, inserting paragraphs to protect the integrity and independence of scientific research and adding the following: Absolute ban Looking for job type gains. We will see how other colleagues intervene“.

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