Mockery of the Selassie sisters by the authors?

In the past few hours, some of the authors of the Big Brother Vip, along with competitors on the same reality show, have become the heroes of a not-so-nice story; The web slammed the producer guilty of making fun of the Selassie sisters, including the other tenants of the house.

The people of the web have literally sided with the princesses Selassie After some reality show authors literally mocked the latter.
The whole thing happened while my opponents GF VIP 6 They were preparing for dinner and Lulu, Jessica and Clarissa They were in the kitchen.

Princesses Selassie mocking the authors?

Jessica Selassie Relationship with Sisters C 1 Article 26911 Landscape photo launch

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While Lucrezia, Clarissa and Jessica They were in the kitchen, preparing for dinner SufiOther reality contestants traded jokes about which princesses the show’s author could have been involved in, causing many of the tenants of the most spying house in Italy to laugh:

“In Confession is in it Jessica or Lulu. What do they say? Once Jessica leaves, Lulu comes in. Can you tell me what to say? What dynamic? But then they don’t call, they’re gone. They freak out” lyrics Alex.

In the words of the famous series, the actor intervened Soleil Adding that a few days ago he left the circle of recognition Clarissa Holding a sheet of paper, at that moment the author intervened with the comment “eehhhh”.

raging web

Lulu Selassie Clarissa Spota 1

after a sentence Alex Bailey On the Princesses and one author’s intervention here was the immediate reaction of the Web; In fact, many have risen to criticize the attitudes of home tenants towards it Lucrezia, Clarissa and Jessica Explanation of the voiceover.

“No one saves this year. The crap these losers and the authors themselves – crap do. Embarrassing you. You should kiss the feet of princesses other than – so we’re right that Big Brother is a partner in this rage” are just some of the ideas circulating on the web in these hours.

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In short, tomorrow night, Monday 29 November 2021, it truly promises to be a sparkling episode full of twists; appointment with Alfonso Signorini And the heroes of this GF VIP 6 As always in prime time Channel 5.

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