Q&A on the Bonamichi case

Q&A on the Bonamichi case

After Cesara Bonamichi was chosen as the sole commentator in the next stage Big Brother VIPdon’t stop him In the wake of the controversy. Selvagia attack is difficult Lucarelliwho in recent days has spoken of a wrong decision: according to her, Tg5 journalist will not be able To navigate within an entertainment program such as GF Vip. However, consider defending the newly promoted columnist Rita Dala Chiesaa member of Forza Italia, who spoke on Instagram under a post by Josep That’s what he said.

Dalla Chiesa-Lucarelli: Q&A on Buonamici

“the choice By Cesara Buonamichi “A few days ago, Selvagia Lucarelli,” as the sole commentator on GF, despite her best intentions, began mistake. If the intent is to bring trash back to the dimension of entertainment, then you have to fish who can entertain. According to the signature of Dr Everyday factTherefore, Buonamici’s decision would not be happy at Mediaset. She’s just a journalist clearly serves for positioning…at the risk of not serving the program.”

It’s a point of view, clearly. Not unreasonable but certainly questionable. And in fact, Vice Forza Italia intervened, a little unexpectedly, shortly after he was dispatched Rita Dala Chiesa. Comment under Instagram post by Josepwanted to respond to Selvaggia by explaining his point of view In this regard. “Cesara is an authority in the role she plays in TG5. I’ve known her forever, we practically started together,” said Dalla Chiesa.

And then, again, Bonamichi for Rita “She’s nice and snappy, ironic and capable of politely portraying the truth in your face. I think this is what we need now, where everything is always there Also over the top. The correct face of the change of pace advocated by Pierre Silvio Berlusconi, tired of the bow Trivial exaggerations affiliate Big brother. “The audience wants to relax,” concluded Dalla Chiesa, “they are tired of swear words, Screams and fights. At least, that’s what I think.”

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So the views of Selvagia and Rita appear irreconcilable. The first does not believe in recruiting a journalist with no experience in television entertainment, and the second believes in it, rather, precisely becauseAn atmosphere of freshness and the positive originality that Cesare Buonamichi will bring to the program directed by Signorini. However, the tunes remained civilized, it’s just an exchange Conflicting opinions. Nothing is incurable.

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