A week in the life of the most beautiful woman in the world

A week in the life of the most beautiful woman in the world
  • Niccolò Ammaniti
  • Angle/Anagram, 2024
  • Translated by Joan Casas
  • 312 pages / 20.90 euros

Niccolò Ammaniti (Rome, 1966) He is a great Italian literary figure of his generation. Respected by critics, awarded the Strega and Viareggio Prize, with countless readers and translated into 44 languages. Intimate life, translated into Catalan by Joan Casas and published by Angle Editorial, flows between social satire and intimate drama and, moreover, can be read as a tragicomedy about the contemporary society of appearances and spectacles, deception and self-deception resulting from the unbridled worship of beauty. . Intimate life It is also a kind of revenge on the woman's being who, through fear, manages to redirect her life by regaining the ability to be and to do, that absent courage with which she has lived since childhood. My secret wish recipe is the judicious separation of what is happening from what happened. Transporting ourselves back in time we see the current life of the hero and what led it to be like this.

Maria Cristina Palma has a seemingly perfect life. She's attractive, she's gorgeous, she's the Prime Minister's wife, everyone knows her and she's strong despite her lack of intelligence. But one day he receives a dramatic video on his cell phone that shakes his entire world of lies and he suffers a severe identity crisis: there is a secret from the past that he cannot accept. The feature of Amaniti is to dissect a woman’s mind and explore her fears, obsessions, and desires through a novel that dances between reckless imagination, psychological realism, the tragic meaning of life, and the magic of contradiction and human contradiction. In this analysis, Ammaniti creates the character of Diana Barzaglia, a former classmate who bullied Maria Cristina in high school. This character acts as one Another soula talking cricket whose voice intervenes in the heroine's thoughts, suggesting more courageous responses and attitudes and encouraging her to project a more humane and free personality.

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The virtues of Omaniti

Intimate life It narrates seven days (from February 21 to 27) of the life of Maria Cristina, considered by the media to be the most beautiful woman in the world. The reader soon senses the thoughts of a woman – her intimate, inner, private life – which she does not have the courage to share. The First Lady has no friends or anyone to confess her fears and anxieties from the moment her ex sent her a threatening video featuring herself. If the video spreads on social media, it will tarnish not only her success but also her husband's political career. Everything turns upside down, and events happen at the speed of light. You will change, become stronger, and begin to develop strategies so that everything remains as calm as it was before the stirrup. The intimate life to which Ammaniti refers is not only sexual, but the entire emotional life of Maria Cristina.

Niccolò Ammanetti's narrative style is the key to the success of Niccolò Ammanetti's novel Intimate life: The author examines the outside point of view of the omniscient narrator, who watches with amusement what happens to Maria Cristina, often addressing the reader directly in a sarcastic manner. This trick, apart from being comedic, has the advantage of lightening the narrative and making it flow. Also, the use of the present tense in the third person singular gives the reader the impression that he is in front of a story happening live, at the same time he is reading it. This cinematic writing that surrounds you in a certain atmosphere has a lot of merit, as does writing through the eyes, mind and emotions of a woman.

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