While the opera was on the air… – libero Quotidiano

While the opera was on the air… – libero Quotidiano

there before the ladder It was a real victory in terms of participation. The numbers are staggering. As reported by vigilatv.it, at least 1.5 million Italians kept their televisions on to watch the season premiere at Milan’s La Scala theater. The live broadcast scored 9.1 percent. Indeed, the numbers speak for themselves and should be read correctly. Live coverage from 18.00 to 21.31 is actually lower compared to 2021 and is the lowest result since 2016.

but in fact Millie Carlucci And the Bruno Vespa They managed to stick nearly a million and a half Italians in front of such a complex work as “Boris Godunov” sung in Russian and a very clear story. The audience was hooked and the score had to be entirely related to broadcasting a work that could have discouraged many. Instead we repeat that one and a half million Italians watched this event on television.

The managerial duo of Mili Carlucci and Bruno Vespa tested, and indeed in providing the work and the guests found each other “by heart” as is often used to say in football terminology. And even the work received a minute’s long standing ovation, a sign that the choice had been appreciated before general Who followed the magic of this La Scala premiere.

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