April 2, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Mandava, a shot of Naples: Premiere of the Night to premiere in January. the details

Napoli broke the delay and is trying to press for Lille’s left-back.

the Naples Can’t wait any longer, the Napoli company is ready to accelerate a coup that it has been planning for next summer. The many injuries to different players and the difficulties of Faouzi Ghoulam’s recovery have prompted Napoli to work in light of the upcoming winter transfer market. The name at the top of the list is the name Renildo refereeLille, left-back, born in 1994. His contract expires in June and he’s already on the line with Napoli for next season, but Giuntoli would like to take him into the shadow of Vesuvius as early as January.

The player’s entourage agrees, but an agreement must be reached with Lille. Laurentiis, as collected by AreaNapoli.it, would have made a €2 million bid for the full-back’s ticket in January. The French company responded with a request of 5, a number that Napoli considered too high for a player who would free himself in just over 6 months.

The player for his part will be eager to land in the blue as he will meet his friend and former partner Osimin, the two players in frequent contact. He also considers that his way to night is now closed.

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