March 25, 2023

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Amazon unveils the best-selling electronic products in Italy in 2021 –

Amazon reveal what The best selling electronic products in Italy in 2021. Bel Paese consumers especially appreciate smart home products, indoor headphones, and even Amazon products like Fire Sticks.

Specifically, states that among the apps 2021 best selling products in Italy over there:

  • Fire TV Stick (in both light and full versions)
  • Echo Dot (3rd and 4th generation)
  • AirPods
  • Samsung stereo headphone
  • TP-Link Smart Plug WiFi Smart Socket

Italian consumers focused heavily on Fire TV Stick, the Amazon product that allows you to make your TV smart, and thus access apps like Netflix and Dazn. As reported, both the base and top-end models are sold out, like the next Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

Amazon has also managed to sell good amounts of echo dot, specifically from the third and fourth generation. These are smart speakers that let you use Alexa’s voice assistance, set alerts and reminders, and listen to music, radio, and audiobooks. You can currently find the 4th generation Amazon Echo Dot at €39.99: this is a standard discount, keep in mind that the lowest price so far was €24.99.

regarding headphones inearTo be successful above all are AirPods and Samsung stereo headphones. We’re talking about two very different products in terms of price ranges, as you can see.

Amazon audience also bought smart socket TP-Link WiFi, compatible with Alexa and Google Home, may be used with Echo Dot.

Tell us, did you buy these products during 2021?