“The SuperLega is over. The Italian fans didn’t help us.”

“The SuperLega is over. The Italian fans didn’t help us.”

UEFA President: “The Premier League has a great tradition, and the English fans have helped us”

Alexander Severin back to talk about it Super League and confirm it “is over. He said, while attending the humanitarian match between Hayduk Split and Shakhtar Donetsk, there are those who try to satisfy their ego a little more but that can never work. European Championship: “When They Went War on Us (with SuperLega, editor) The English fans helped us while the Italians and Spaniards did nothing“.

Ceferin expects a “Champions League final” raising a question about the competitiveness of European leagues: “The Premier League is different, it has a great tradition. There is more money but when European competitions are strengthened, there is less talk of leagues.. Bayern and Paris Saint-Germain dominate Germany and France .. It is true that they control two teams in those tournaments. There is more competition in Italy but the clubs are not strong financially“.

The best competition that can be seen is ‘Definitely the Champions League, City-Real was the best. Was it the fourth final in the Champions League? Good idea but there will be fewer games in total, it’s too early to share new ideas with the media.. but there are some plans “.

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