“I’ll tell you what Mertens taught me!”

“I’ll tell you what Mertens taught me!”

During the “Kick Off” program, broadcast on Extra TVFrosinone’s external attack interfered, Alessio Zerbinowned by Naples. Talk about the current season he’s seen shining with him Nine goals in the leagueand its growth.

He also expressed himself in Comparisons between him and forget He narrated some anecdotes about him Mertens and their training together. These are his words:

“There are a lot of regrets about the match against Spal, we missed a good opportunity, but we must not feel sorry for ourselves and think about the next match that will be key in the qualifiers.”

Thanks to my colleagues for the past 7/8 months, I have grown a lot, but Most of the benefits of my season are from Mr. Grosso. I grew up with him a lot and learned a lot. I hope this is my launch pad, director Angelozzi was instrumental in choosing to come here.”

Alessio Zerbin, Frosinone

Do you compare? It’s good to hear that heroes who have shown so much have come close to you. I was lucky enough to train with Insigne and Mertens, but there is still a long way to go to reach their level. I don’t see myself as an Insigne playerWe are players who play the same role on the field, but with different characteristics.”

Mertens? When I was in Naples I did some shooting practice with them and Drought showed me one day where and how to hit the ball. The kick to the ball by Mertens is unbelievable, and it can also be seen in the speed of the goal he scored against Sassuolo. His kick is always powerful and accurate. It was some advice, to him, that I will always carry with me.”

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