Why is Retegui better than Morata?

Why is Retegui better than Morata?

Turin – The binoculars that the technical director has with him Juventus Cristiano Giuntoli He scans market From the attackers to search for the MP Dusan Vlahovic (Moise Kean is about to bid farewell to Turin and head to Florence I show you owned by In all likelihood, he will also change his city of residence) moving left and right with amazing speed. The “screening” process is too important to identify the correct profile to interpret the substitute role for the Serbian striker who will certainly be a better starter. But game Thiago Death It’s too expensive for that then DV9 He will be at the heart of the project, so whoever will have to replace him better in the final part of the matches will have a key role in the economy of the game for Juventus.

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Juventus, characteristics of Deputy Vlahovic

Before going into details and photographing the face of the suicide bomber, which was focused on by Giuntoli’s telescope again, here is the picture border Which the administration wants to respect in order to provide a Thiago Motta A striker ready to embrace it better Game philosophy. So the party must come first Fameso you don’t have a lot of experience but you want to Affirm yourself And prove what it’s worth. You must be prepared to Being Often even without the ball, regardless of the role, because for Thiago Motta no one can consider himself exempt from the suffocating pressure. In this sense, The odds drop dramatically To see the return under the mole Alvaro Morata, the old flame of Juventus fans. But, as we know, we do not live on memories. Rather, we need to look to the future with an innovative spirit and ideas ready to be effective for the new path.

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