Mamokari Dancing with the Stars: “I’m in my underwear.” Carlucci prevents everything

Mamokari Dancing with the Stars: “I’m in my underwear.”  Carlucci prevents everything

Anything happens on Dancing with the Stars. The lights are up, the contestants are warming up, and Millie Carlucci is ready to host a stunning new episode of the most-followed show on television. One of the most talked about competitors this year is Teo Mammucari. The host, with his sarcasm and provocations, often ends up in the eye of the storm and in the claws of the jury. After having a bit of a fight with everyone and finding some of the comments received to be unfair, the rival VIP decided to bury the hatchet last week and try to win over the audience with just his performance. Fate plays tricks, we know. And so, this evening, when Mamokari, elated, reached the middle of the track, the unexpected happened.

With the famous dance song “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees, Teo Mamokari and Anastasia Kuzmina appeared. Ready to give their best and thus win the applause of the audience and the good votes of the awed judges, the host and his mentor began to take their first steps. Then, suddenly, Mamokari froze, blushed with embarrassment, and put his hand on his buttocks. What happened live? As for the movements The daring, the fabric of the pants could not resist, and in order not to remain in his underwear, the competitor tried to remedy this by covering himself and facing the screen with his back.

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“I’m wearing my underwear,” Mamokari explained, after signaling to Millie Carlucci to stop everything. “Wait. If you’re like this, you won’t be able to see him,” the presenter advised, unable to hold back her laughter. The roar of those present was loud. Meanwhile, the dancer threw herself on the floor and began laughing and laughing at the unexpected event. He concluded his speech by saying: “The seamstress was two hours late, so I said to her: But why were you two hours late? I unraveled my thread. Then I did this (she added, explaining the movement, editor.) and everything opened up.”

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