Remove pen stains from clothes with these three tricks

Remove pen stains from clothes with these three tricks

3 tricks to get rid of pen stains on clothesfreepik

pens, Great enemies of clothing and great friends of writing. These tools used today also cause great damage to clothes. And that, When we dye our clothes with pen it is very difficult to remove the stains. But, don't worry, because Today we offer you the treatment to get rid of them easily and quickly. Grab a pen and paper!

The most important thing when removing stains, of any kind, is to act quickly. because? Because the longer time passes, the deeper the stain gets into the clothing fibers and the more difficult it becomes to remove. The next thing to consider before you start scrubbing the stain is Let us know what we have stained ourselves with, yA chocolate stain doesn't come out like one of these rich That of pencil. Treatments vary depending on the source of the stain.

the pen

And journalist He was the inventor of the pen. He was the creator of this artifact that revolutionized the world of writing Ladislao José Biro was a Hungarian journalist Tired of clogged penPeru The pen was patented in 1938 But it was not marketed until 1940 when it was established in Argentina after the beginning of 1940 World War II. I was born in a small garage in Argentina Biro-Meyne-Biro, the name of the company whose first models he marketed biome, The name by which the pen is still assigned in Argentina.

pen ink

The pen ink is made with an oil base to make it permanent. Specifically, this chemical compound is manufactured from Resins, solvents, binders and pigments To give color to ink. All of these ingredients make pencil stains one of the most difficult stains to remove. It is not enough to insert the widget directly into washing machineIt must be treated before washing.

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It is also important to know that stains caused by the pen cannot be rubbed off. The only thing that is achieved by rubbing these stains is to spread them throughout the clothes.

How to remove pen stain?

here they are The best Treatments To remove pen stains from clothes:

exhausted: It is one of the best allies in putting an end to this type of stains. As long as it is formulated with alcohol. These are the steps to follow Remove the pen from the hairspray:

  1. Place a sheet or towel under the clothes.

  2. Spray the stain with hairspray on both sides of the garment.
  3. Press the stain with a cloth. It's not a mess.
  4. Repeat the process until the stain disappears.

  5. wash Widget as always.

Alcohol or baking soda: Either of these two products Suitable for pen stain removal. Here's how to apply alcohol or acetone to the stain:

  1. Apply alcohol or nail polish remover to the stain. It is necessary to impregnate the stain on both sides of the piece.

  2. Leave it for a few minutes

  3. Wash as usual

Acetone against pencil stains

Milk: If you don't have paint, alcohol or acetone, always You can resort to milk to remove the pen stain. This is the process that “L'Ordenatriu” uses. Removing pencil stains with milk:

  1. It's better than Warm whole milk: At about 40 degrees.

  2. Dip the stained area in a bowl of milk.
  3. Let the milk work on the stain For about eight hours.

  4. Wash as usual.

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