World Science Day for Peace and Development on November 10: Meaning

World Science Day for Peace and Development on November 10: Meaning

In the 2001, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). World Science Day for Peace and Development Through Resolution 31C/20. This day is celebrated annually all over the world November 10It aims to highlight three fundamental aspects: the fundamental role of science in society, the importance of engaging the widest possible audience in the debate on emerging scientific issues and the importance of science in everyday life.

How World Science Day for Peace and Development was born

This annual event marks pA very valuable meeting opportunity Between the scientific world and society in general, precisely because it is its primary goalInforming citizens about scientific progress And technological Which can help us promote peace and tranquility among peoples. Moreover, such an occasion highlights Role Decisive of Scientists In promoting a better understanding of our planet Earth, our home, and in making our societies as sustainable as possible.

The creation of this day was of consequence World Science Congressheld in Budapest In the 1999. Therefore, the main goal of this day is to renew the commitment to achieving the goals set out in the Declaration on Science and the use of scientific and scientific knowledge. Follow the recommendations of the Agenda for Science. Since then, it has become Science Day Favorite many projectsConcrete programs and financial support measures for science around the world. Furthermore, it helped promote the Collaboration between scientists Living in conflict-affected areas, as evidenced by the establishment of the Israel-Palestinian Science Organization (IPSO). It is therefore clear, today more than ever, that pSocial and political role Also on this day, and above all, in light of the terrible hostilities that the whole world is witnessing in the Gaza Strip in recent days.

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This year’s theme

the Trait On the occasion of World Science Day for Peace and Development, November 10 2023 And the: Building confidence in science.

The role of science in Shaping our collective future This can only be achieved when there is absolute trust in the scientific community and its efforts. It is trust in the work of scientists and research laboratories specifically that fuels innovation and application of solutions to the complex challenges our world presents to us day after day. there Trust in science It’s a complex issue: it affects the way scientists work and how society views science. Moreover, it enhances confidence in science Science-based political decisions and community support for its implementation. There is no doubt, by the way, that the Covid-19 pandemic and the tremendous efforts made by scientists in this regard research And in development The vaccine arrived in record time thanks to MRNA technology, saving the lives of millions of people around the world.

In conclusion, World Science Day for Peace and Development highlights the importance of science in our society and its role in…Facing global challenges Like epidemics, but not only. It’s an opportunity to Celebrate progress Scientific research and enhancing cooperation between scientists, decision-makers and civil society in order to build a healthier and more sustainable future.

Important round table

It coincides with this day, the next day November 13, UNESCO It organized one at its Parisian headquarters discussion High-level to further explore the parameters that contribute to this Building and maintaining confidence in science.

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The Roundtable will therefore provide institutional (and non-institutional) participants with aAn opportunity to discuss the links between science, politics and society And to formulate science-based policies, as well as ensure better Understand the state of scientific research. It will also highlight the importance of the freedom and safety of scientists as an essential element of scientific ecosystems guided by universal values, as well as the vital role of scientific publishing in Improving scientific culture And spreading public awareness.

These principles are contained in two important UNESCO regulatory instruments: in this case we are talking about A commandment to science and scholars (2017) and Open science recommendation (2021). These tools express a vision in which scientific ecosystems are guided by universal values ​​and aim to make science and its benefits accessible to all.

Finally, it should be noted that this prestigious award will be awarded in the same context Kalinga AwardIt is an award that praises the individuals, institutions or non-governmental organizations that have submitted Significant contribution to the popularization of science or technology It helped explain science and technology to the public, helping to bridge the gap between science and society. This award aims to recognize the importance of communicating science effectively, revealing complex ideas, promoting a sense of wonder, and inspiring the public and future generations of scientists.

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