I will remember my childhood things in my mind

I will remember my childhood things in my mind

Among the stories, Laura Pausini shows photos of her parents’ house in Solarolo, the same house she was born and raised in, which was affected by the flood. He portrayed her memories as a child: “I will recollect in my mind the things I had as a child, and that the water has removed from the pages.”

parents Laura Pausini in Emilia-Romagna Facing a flood emergency. In recent days, the singer has shared many social messages to give strength to all those who struggle against the mud and water that has destroyed streets and homes. Of these, also the home of the parents, 75 and 78 years old, the same apartment in which I grew up. In the past few hours, view photos on social networks. “I will remember in my mind the things I had as a child, that the water swept away the pages.”.

Pictures of Laura Pausini’s flooded home

Laura Pausini’s parents were trying to save what was left of their home, which was hit by a flood a few days ago. There is still a state of emergency in Emilia-Romagna and Laura Pausini, from Romagna, has been releasing positive messages for days to give strength to her family and all her citizens: “Come to my land, I love you”Yesterday’s words. In the past few hours, the singer from Solarulu has added photos of her muddy house between the stories. “I was born and raised here” She wrote accompanying a picture showing the hallway of the house, which she then photographed in her diary as a child. “Patience. I will remember in my mind the things I had as a child, and the water licked off the pages.” Despite the anxiety and resentment, the artist called on all of Emilia’s followers not to give up: “Save what can be saved and start over, c’mon c’mon c’mon!”.

“We are united even from afar”

A couple of days ago Laura Pausini shared other photos of her city, Solarulu, affected by the flood. Then the long message of hope:Many help, and many, like myself, would like to help but feel helpless that we should rightly let the police handle everything, as we have been asked. We will have to rebuild, bring hope and homes back to life. We are united even from afar. I will keep you informed as much as possible. I, too, like many of you, are waiting for communication with relatives and friends. I too, like many of you, completely flooded my home and fan club. Fortunately when all this happened yesterday, they were empty. I’ll also update you on the fan club party and what’s going on as soon as I get word. Come to Romania my land. I love you“.

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