International tennis, Medvedev run in the final: relive the live broadcast

International tennis, Medvedev run in the final: relive the live broadcast

will be between runes And Medvedev ultimate International from Italy. The Dane beat the Norwegian on the comeback RodWhile the Russian beat the Greek in straight sets Tsitsipas In the second semi-final, which lasted more than six hours and was interrupted three times due to rain.

11:05 p.m

Precedents between Ron and Medvedev

Single precedent Between the Danish and Russian to be held there Rome International Championship Final. Ron and Medvedev met in Monte Carlo in 2023 with the Dane as the winner.

11 pm

Medvedev cheers

Wins Medvedev which beats in two groups Tsitsipas and fly inside the last Where he will meet Ron. Having scored the last point, the Russian allowed himself to enter into special elation by performing a gentle ballet.

10:31 p.m

Medvedev wins the second set and fly to the final!

Medved wins the second set and flies to the final, where he will challenge Ron! The Russian imposes itself 7-5.

10:26 p.m

Medvedev takes the lead again!

Broken by the Russian who will now serve to conquer the final.

10:23 p.m

Medvedev-Tsitsipas, Return of parity

You battle point after point in a hard-fought second set. After the defect, the Russian recovers and the score is level again at 5-5.

10:18 p.m

Tsitsipas takes the lead again

Rounds won with advantages Tsitsipas who again took the lead 4-5. Medvedev is now in service.

10:13 p.m

Medvedev’s reaction!

After going behind the Russians, he returns to the match and restores parity. 4-4 score.

10:10 p.m

Tsitsipas regains the Greek advantage

Excellent hit by the Greek who lined up three games in a row and Take the helm. 3-4 Now the result.

10:05 pm

Tsitsipas reopens the semi-finals!

The score between Medvedev and Tsitsipas is equal again. 3-3 hours until the second half.

10 p.m

Tsitsipas carries the transmission

Another reaction from the Greek who He keeps the racket at 30. Medvedev still has a break ahead of him.


Medvedev returns to the double advantage

The Russian returns to the double feature. 3-1 score in the second set.


Tsitsipas reaction

The Greek also won the first point After a moment of difficulty. Medvedev stays ahead of the spot.


Medvedev extends it 2-0

A great moment for the Russian tennis player who 2-0 extension on Tsitsipas.


Medvedev wins the first point of the second set

18 points against 8 for the Russian, who managed to take advantage of a difficult moment for his opponent.


Medvedev Tsitsipas, via the second set

The second group starts in the central place of Foro Italico. Medvedev took the first set, winning 7-5. now Tsitsipas in bats.


Medvedev He wins the first set

Eight consecutive points to Russian which is required for 7-5 Yes The first group won.

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Medvedev again takes the lead

Tsitsipas with five consecutive fouls loses the innings. 6-5 score Medvedev who again takes the lead. Russian now serves the group.


Medvedev wins the first match

After the break, the tennis players restarted from 4-5 in the first set. Medvedev wins the first match: 5-5 now The score returns to a tie.


Medvedev-Tsitsipas, we start from the middle

An hour and forty minutes later we set off again for Foro Italico. Russian Medvedev in service.


Medvedev Tsitsipas, the players are warming up

Less than a minute until the race resumes in the Italian forum. Two tennis players warming up.


Medvedev-Tsitsipas, ready to restart at Foro Italico!

The central audience lights up. match between Medvedev and Tsitsipas are about to leave again. The tennis players will again start at 4-5 of the first set.


Medvedev-Tsitsipas, the start is postponed

The match will not be played until at least 21.15 in Foro Italico. In the middle of the race between Medvedev And tsitsipas, She stopped at 4-5 in the first set, and was again stopped by rain.

8:30 p.m

Medvedev Tsitsipas, another postponement

match between Medvedev And Tsitsipas. After the first postponement of 20.30 a new message arrives: the game will not be played even at least 20.50.


Medvedev Tsitsipas, we won’t start again until 20.30

Still everything stops in the center of Foro Italico. The rain continues to fall and the match between them Medvedev AndTsitsipas At least it won’t start again 20.30.


Medvedev Tsitsipas stops the match

It’s time to play a game and then after that Medvedev and Tsitsipas were forced to return to locker rooms cause rain. So do not play with The match has been suspended until further notice.


It’s raining hard again at Foro Italico, the new station

A few minutes later the race resumed New stop due to rainAnd Medvedev And Tsitsipas They go back to the locker room again.

7:48 p.m

Tsitsipas ahead!

For the first time the Greeks pass to Feature 4-5 And he closes the game with an ace advantage.

7:43 p.m

It starts again at Foro Italico, Tsitsipas is on duty

Medvedev and Tsitsipas returned to the field After nearly three hours of downtime. It starts again at 4-4 of the first set with Tsitsipas serving.

7:37 p.m

Medvedev Tsitsipas, tennis players return to the field

After more than two hours of downtime Medvedev and Tsitsipas are ready to leave again at Foro Italico headquarters. The two tennis players returned to the court to start warming up. He will again start at 4-4 of the first set.

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Foro Italico, very long lines at the gates

Long lines in Italian Forum because of Delay accumulated in the afternoon. with the Match between Medvedev and Tsitsipas Standing still for two hours at the gates, people who had bought tickets for the Centrale women’s final, scheduled for 7.50pm between Rybakina And Anhelina Kalinina. Everything is deadlocked at the moment, until the resumption of the match between the Russian and the Greek.


Berrettini, the decision on Roland Garros

Blue tennis player, after having to give up international in italy, about her decision to participate in the Roland Garros It is scheduled in Paris. (Read it all)


Medvedev Tsitsipas, we don’t start again until 19.30

The rain didn’t seem to want to let go of Foro Italico. Center field was again covered with a tarpaulin. Another adjournment, therefore, with the match not resuming before 7.30pm.

7:00 pm

Medvedev-Tsitsipas, everything is still at a standstill

The midfield continues to rain, with Medvedev and Tsitsipas remaining in the locker room.

6.45 p.m

Medvedev and Tsitsipas returned to the locker room

Still raining on the middle The match does not resumeMedvedev and Tsitsipas returned to the locker room. You haven’t played for 1 hour and 45 minutes.


Medvedev and Tsitsipas are about to return to the field

The players are behind compared to the set time, while the referees are already on the sidelines.


We don’t leave before 6.35pm

After another postponement by the organisers, Central continued to rain.


One more delay, we won’t start again before 18:25

Conditions do not improve and another fifteen-minute stoppage arrives in relation to the announced time: we will start again no later than 18:25, still at 4-4 in the first set.

5.50 m

Another postponement, we won’t start again until 18:10

There is still heavy rain on the central station: the match restart time has been changed.


You will not leave before 5.50pm

Organizers’ decision: The challenge will not resume before 5.50 p.m.


The game is still pending

There is no news about the match between Medvedev and TsitsipasIt is therefore suspended. Meanwhile, it continues to rain on Centrale.


The game has stopped! The players return to the locker room

After the rain Tsitsipas broke the middle He increasesThe rule of the chair decides Game suspensionwith the players returning to the locker room.

4:56 p.m

Break Tsitsipas! Medvedev protests

comes the Broken by Tsitsipas, which restores parity at 4-4. grouchy Medvedevwho complain about rain On the court despite the judge’s decision to proceed. Boos from the audience.

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4:52 p.m

Tsitsipas does not give up

Medvedev stays ahead thanks feature breakbut Tsitsipas did not give up and kept his serve perfectly: now 4-3.

4:43 p.m

Balanced match now: 3-2

Two more rounds in which the service is held for Medvedev and Tsitsipas, while maintaining the Russian advantage.

4:38 p.m

Medvedev and Tsitsipas kept the serve: 2-1

The Russian keeps breaking forward but complains about rain in the field. At the moment we continue to play, and the score was 2-1.


It starts again with Medvedev’s break

Once conditions improve, the second semi-final can finally begin: Immediate break by Medvedev In the first match.


It rains more, and the players stay on the field

more rain in the centerBut Medvedev and Tsitsipas remained on the sidelines, waiting for conditions to improve.


The game stopped immediately!

Not even the start time and Rain begins to fall on the center: Medvedev and Tsitsipas stopped immediately and are now waiting for things to improve.

4:13 p.m

Medvedev and Tsitsipas on the field

The two challengers took to the field: now the warm-up, Then the last semi-finals will begin.

4:10 p.m

International final without Nadal or Djokovic after 18 years!

After 18 yearsstop one of the “traditions” International from Italyi.e. final with at least one between Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic. It will see the first Masters 1000 final in Rome without champions Ron and one between Medvedev and Tsitsipas challenging each other.

3.55 p.m

Ron in the final! Space for Medvedev Tsitsipas

Danish Holger Ron He is the first finalist in Internationals BNL of Italy: beat Rudd in a comeback 6-7, 6-4, 6-2. Central is now free to match between Medvedev and Tsitsipaswhich will start shortly.

3.50 p.m

Medvedev and Tsitsipas, intense rivalry

Russian and Greek never hid They can’t stand each other. It all started in 2018, at the Miami Championship, where Tsitsipas insulted Medvedev With the Russian who ordered him to shut his mouth, and reprimanded him with offenses such as the long “toilet” pause. Since then, the balance has been marked by smiles at Medvedev (7-4) and each of their matches Strong feelings and controversy. A few days ago, they crossed paths on the bridge that connects parts of the Foro Italico facility: not even a greeting between the two.


Medvedev and Tsitsipas for a place in the final

Greek and Russian compete for a place in Final of the Italian International Championship in the central square.

Roma – Foro Italico

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