Nuovo Giornale Nazionale – “Immigration Law”, text of science, experience and awareness

Nuovo Giornale Nazionale – “Immigration Law”, text of science, experience and awareness

Faustino Bertolini’s “Immigration Law” (Sossel Editions) is the result of a happy encounter between science, experience and conscience.

The text is necessary, and not just useful, for anyone who intends to understand the phenomenon of immigration from the point of view of law, without getting bogged down in ideologies, prejudices, and interested propaganda.

Faustino Bertolini, in more than 500 pages, offers the reader a guide that includes the Italian community and international treaties, regulations, directives and standards starting from the first immigration law, Law 39/1990, called Martelli, up to Law 173 of 2020.

The organizational exposure benefits from the skilled development of the criminal, civil and administrative aspects and, above all, relies on the application experience in this field, having been, for more than thirty years, firstly the Director and then the Director of the Immigration Office of the Sondrio Police Headquarters, Faustino Bertolini.

Hailing from Mobile in Milan, Faustino Bertolini arrived in Sondrio in 1990, placed at the Border Police headquarters, and set up and developed an office now referred to as the “Valtellina Model”.

In an interview with “Il Giorno”, Bertolini recalled, last July 11, close to retirement, how the office initially had three employees and in 2022 it had ten, also due to the flowing migration that moved from one thousand to 10 thousand units.

After retirement, the ministry’s central director of immigration, Tommaso Palumbo, wrote to him: “You are the dean of immigration executives. A piece of history goes with you.”

A beautiful confession, which deserves, however, a comment: Bertolini left his first-hand experience in the police, but brought it with him to continue feeding science and conscience, rendering service to the state and to those who, with science and conscience, he intends to deal with the phenomenon of emigration, making use of law and not ideology.

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Italy, as Bertolini himself recalls, has faced various immigration emergencies in the past 30 years, until the last one still going on.

It is not easy to unravel the confusion between national and international laws: it applies to state operators, it applies to journalists who must communicate increasingly not on the basis of general public positions, and it applies to those who have to exercise the function of governance. It also applies to the individual citizen who wants to know, because only with knowledge can one form an opinion that is not the result of propaganda.

Faustino Bertolini’s text offers, to everyone who owns it, an essential tool for dealing with the phenomenon of immigration on the basis of law, because it is law that should be a guide for those who work in any field with direct experience. or indirect consequences on the lives of citizens.

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