Football paradoxes

Football paradoxes

This week Pedri gave an interview to Ebay Lanos, about those who are more relaxed in the Christmas spirit and looking for (fake) fellowship. Janos Pedri asked how Pique was doing in training, and Pedri replied, almost uncomfortably, while laughing that he was an amazing player, although no, training was not his forte. It was a sarcastic and sharp response, and I told myself that football today needs more sarcasm. The whole thing is so condescending that it is difficult for footballers to let go and joke witty. Pique was a good example, his words often included a sarcastic wink, and some coaches and players used double language in their statements to criticize referees and avoid a penalty. But little else.

Maybe I'm asking too much and the irony only comes out without pressure, when a footballer retires. I say this because I read These Days Without Football an autobiography full of humor and anecdotes, and at the same time a good intimate portrait of the fears and tensions of a professional player. With the current title, Subchampion (Libros del KO) was written by former footballer Zuhaitz Gurrutxaga and journalist Ander Izagirre. As one focuses, the other finishes the sentence, thus constructing the story of a career in decline. After making his debut at the age of 19 for John Toshack's Real Sociedad and receiving praise as a future player, Gorotxaga began to feel the pressure and fear of failure. Psychologists, lies and a promising career that collapsed in local teams.

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One feels that nothing was easy, but good humor saved Gorotxaga and over time he became a comedian of monologues. Here's an example of the tone of the book: “My teammates went to Bali or Zanzibar or Santorini and I got mad with my gang on the bus to Benidorm. Seven nights, seven parties – my final regularity of the season.” Thanks to this ironic distance, his testimony reads like a novel that combines the pain of defeat with the joy of living in a distinctive and sometimes ridiculous world like the world of football. Totally a hero.

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