Kave house in Girona grows by 30%, exceeds 200 million

Kave house in Girona grows by 30%, exceeds 200 million

Girona brand How is home? Pregnancy Growing up. the Furniture and decoration design companyWhat's going on It grows by 34% through 2022, ending last year with a similar increase of trading volume. As stated in a statement, during the year 2023 It grew by 30% and ended the financial year with sales of more than €200 million.

The company's good progress was reflected in all areas of business (for example, online sales grew by 50%). However, the company emphasizes above all its commitment to expanding the Kave Home brand in the retail channel, both through its own stores and franchised stores. Currently, the brand has a presence in a network of 115 points of sale spread across more than 50 countries.

During 2023, the company resized some of its stores, expanded its space, and strengthened its presence in two markets it considers strategic: France and Italy. Specifically, following this line, this is the 2024 Kave Home New stores will be opened in Milan, Rome and Paris. In addition, over the past year Kave Home has also added new franchises in Guatemala, Bulgaria, Iceland, Hungary and Singapore.

In parallel, Kave Home has continued to grow within the professional channel (i.e. one specifically targeting designers and architects). Among other things, making its furniture gain a presence in the projects of hotel or restaurant chains.

Logistics center, pillar

Kave Home emphasizes that its new logistics center in Tordera (Maresme) has been a pillar of the company's growth. Opened last year, this warehouse has an area of ​​53,000 square meters and can store up to 44,000 pallets. By 2025, the family company is already planning to expand, doubling its area and reaching more than 100,000 square metres.

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The Tordera Logistics Center also includes a furniture recovery and recycling centre. According to Kave Home, this has allowed the company to “increase furniture given a second life by 40%”, recycle more than 90% of the waste generated by the ship and reduce bulky volume by 60%. All of this has allowed Kave Home to finish the last few years by achieving “climate neutrality of its carbon footprint.”

Expanded headquarters and first assigned groups

Among the goals it has set for 2024, Kave Home wants to expand its corporate headquarters in Sils. Among other things, to be able to meet the expected increase in headcount (which currently totals more than 600 workers worldwide). In addition, it also wants to establish a technology center for product development and manufacture its first collections of custom-made furniture in Spain during the first quarter of the year.

Taking this further, Kave Home has recently purchased a new furniture manufacturing plant in Yecla (Murcia) and expanded its already existing upholstery center in the area by 6,000 square metres. Through 2024, the company estimates, furniture bearing the Kave Home stamp manufactured on state grounds will account for more than 30% of all production.

Finally, over the past year, Kave Home has brought to the market more than 1,000 new references of furniture and decorative objects and launched a new cultural project, the Kave Gallery.

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