Luciana Letizetto to Dominica Inn: Confession after foster care

Luciana Letizetto to Dominica Inn: Confession after foster care

In the living room in Sunday in Luciana Letizetto tells herselfwhich goes back on TV to What time is that Fabio Fazio plays alongside his right arm. The comedian from Turin recalled key stages in her life and career, recounting the steps that led to custody of her two children, as well as the joy of having them by her side. And entering the depths of his own life, he admitted that he had lived a life tough momentThe disease afflicted our family.

Dominica N, Luciana Letizetto talking about child custody

Sarcasm and irony that characterize Luciana Letizetto Make way for an intimate story. guest on Sunday in In Mara Vinier’s studio, the comedian from Turin entered the labyrinth of her own room, and spoke with an open heart about a nursery Jordan and Vanessa’s kids. “I had a desire for motherhood – she admits – but I’ve always had that attitude. That hospitality, making room at home, in the heart. And nursery experience It seemed to me a beautiful experience, the idea of ​​walking part of the road with a young child who did not have a peaceful family situation.”

Fear, which at first possessed such a difficult choice, soon gave way to welcome, love and the desire to start a family: “I was scared. The problem with everything is fear that holds us back and prevents us from doing things. But everything is difficult, nothing is easy in life. So I think this experience was nice for me, which I would recommend to others. You have to be flexible and have patience.”

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Luciana Letizetto: “The disease has struck our family”

Luciana Letizetto She fulfilled her desire for motherhood, and now she is enjoying her children’s growth: “There are times when she struggles more, it’s not all easy, but I think it’s complicated even for normal children. This is a quiet time. They tell me ‘if’ when I’m with others they say ‘Mom’ I asked them, and then at one point they said, ‘We had a mother at a certain point,’ so they didn’t want things to overlap.

The comedian shared his nursery experience Next to David GrazianoShe has been her life partner for nearly 20 years. to me Sunday in He remembers a phone call from them referring to child custody and with an open heart talking about It was a difficult time for the couple: “I called him and said, ‘There are two, not one,’ because we thought of a child. He said to me, ‘Let’s hope the plane crashes.’ He took it right away very well. Instead it went well. Then we were unlucky, unfortunately. The disease has affected our family And so this thing blew the cards, and I was left alone enough.”

Who is Davide Graziano, former partner of Luciana Littizzetto

David Graziano He was a partner of Luciana Littizzetto from 1997 to 2018, the year the couple separated. His name is known as music, after he was Africa unite the drummer So does the Vinicio Caposella man’s session. His commitment to the world of discography continued Producer: One of the notable names I’ve worked with is Annalisa.

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