Maurizio Costanzo, Gualtieri’s dramatic gaffe: “But why not…”

Maurizio Costanzo, Gualtieri’s dramatic gaffe: “But why not…”

Robert Gualtieri The protagonist of the novel became a gaffe that did not go unnoticed. while we were talking about Mauritius ConstantiusRome’s mayor was asked whether or not it was appropriate to dedicate the Parioli Theater to the famous journalist and TV presenter who died at the age of 84. Of course, we have to think about it, but on the other hand Parioli is her stageGualtieri replied.

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All this is true, but a detail which is only minor has been forgotten: the room in Bursey Road is already authorized Pipino Devilippo. For this reason, the artistic direction of the theater intervened firmly, but without causing any controversy: “We will greet Maurizio Costanzo with initiatives at the right time and in the appropriate manner. The Parioli Theater for Maurizio Costanzo is the San Paolo Stadium for Diego Armando Maradona.

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On the other hand, no one can dispute the fact that the Parioli Theater is the second home of the famous TV host. It was he who relaunched it: destroyed in 1977 by an attack, it was put back on its feet in 1983 and then chosen by Costanzo as a permanent venue for Maurizio Costanzo’s show. As a result, the Little Neighborhood Theater became very popular with Italian television audiences.

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