Luxury within everyone's reach

Luxury within everyone's reach

Are Tesla cars the best on the market when it comes to electricity? What emerged from the test was equivalent to a particular model.

It has been on the market since last September, according to what electric car experts claim It really is the end. Although there are those who excel at specific items, the quality to price ratio seems unsurpassable.

Tesla, why it is the best electric car (Canva) –

The car we will talk about was analyzed by Alessio Sergio, the well-known YouTuber, who appears on his channel Pensa Forte He got the fleas out of the car which were actually quite infested and loved. In particular, I tried to answer the question of which battery-powered car currently in circulation is the most efficient, focusing on the powertrain and therefore on the accumulator, electrical component and electronics.

The unbeatable Tesla, the model you must own

To distinguish The Tesla Model 3 is different from all other zero-emission vehicles in circulation Strong positive effect of aerodynamics, especially when pressing the gas hard, regenerative braking and the heat pump.

As the producer of multimedia contributions, Brand Elon Musk explained, using this machine, he was able to It guarantees its customers a large share of the technology, at a generally reasonable cost, Especially if you compare it with the direct competition proposals belonging to sectors A, B and C.

Tesla Alessio Sergio Tesla Model 3 Luxury Price Test
Tesla Model 3, is the electric car that guarantees the best quality – price ratio (Tesla) –

The comparison was made only on the basis of efficiency and not on the aesthetic levelreview the available database which offers a large number of vehicles classified by size, performance, kilowatt hours used, charging time, battery size and weight.

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As noted The Model 3 uses 13.2 kilowatt-hours less than any other vehicle in Class A. For example, if we take an A-segment car like Renault Twingo, it consumes 16 kilowatt-hours. The same applies to the Citroen e-C3. Alternatively, evaluating Lancia's proposal with its Ypsilon updated until 2024, this sells for three thousand euros less, but also allows you to cover 40% less on the road before needing to recharge.

More consumption and also less battery life for the Volkswagen ID.3 Pro among the electric cars currently on the market in ItalyThe most suitable alternative for the American is FIAT 500ewith 13 kWh which puts it at the top of this particular classification, on the other hand The Italian has an autonomy of only 190 km. On the power-hungry front, the stars-and-stripes 'beast' in the long-range version also performs better than the Mini Cooper.

According to Sergio, this aspect clearly puts European manufacturers in a difficult position, and was rejected precisely due to the lack of balance between the released package and the amount of the price list. What makes the situation even more dire is the lack of infrastructure needed to update models promptly. Platforms available to Old Continent producers are the result of internal combustion engine vehicles, whereas Tesla was born as an electric company, so it already had an advantage from the start On all others.

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