Brave choices that rewarded the company!

Brave choices that rewarded the company!

Would you like to transform your kitchen with a more modern style or one tied to tradition? Then you can’t help but consult the always rich catalog of Scavolini, a brand very popular with culinary and furnishing enthusiasts in general.


Scavolini is one of the most important brands in Italy Regarding kitchen furnishings. The famous company, founded in Pesaro by Walter and Alvino Scavolini, celebrated in 2021 the anniversary of its founding 60 years in the business: A result that speaks for itself and confirms, if necessary, the quality of the offered products.

The Marche-based company has managed to conquer, step by step, action by act, an important segment of the Italian and global real estate market, becoming at the same time solid industrial reality, so much so that she is admired and known even abroad. Not bad for a company that offers furniture lovers Always avant-garde ideas!

Moreover, at 60 years of age, Scavolini showed that he knows how to adapt At best in a constantly evolving market, he managed to conquer all generations by applying ideas based on simple but effective elements such as searching for Materials and use Technologies more innovative.

In today’s article, we will take a look at a file index of the kitchens that Scavolini It makes it available to its customers in 2022.

Scavolini Kitchens Catalog 2022

Scavolini Cusin: traditional and modern style

Scavolini Kitchens Catalog 2022

Let’s start right away by saying that the company can not do without it All Italian traditions From fine cuisine and performance (after all, we Italians love it and consider it the most expensive place in the house). While at the same time we try in every way, as mentioned earlier, to be able to object The best technology and apply it in practice.

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For this year 2022 Scavolini She decided to divide her kitchen catalog into two zones: Modern kitchens And the Classic Kitchens.

Let’s start with the classics. The traditional style It aims to combine tradition with innovative materials in one fell swoop. Yes why ScavoliniWhen serving traditional food, he can’t help but do it Nice modern touch. The style of these kitchens basic And from Authentic flavorIt will undoubtedly succeed in being a wonderful one especially for those people who love vintage.

As for modern kitchens, we can say that Scavolini choose one Pay attention to the details it’s a Sophisticated design, which prides itself on basic lines and materials such as stainless steel, glass and quartz. It’s the perfect kitchen for those who want to give their family members one spacious kitchen In keeping with the times.

Scafullini Kosen: The Qi Model

Scavolini Kitchens Catalog 2022

The first type of food we want to talk about is called Kitchen with island. What do we mean by “island”? Well, the word refers to a part of the kitchen that you can do Focus on a variety of activities. Moreover, the most interesting aspect of the island is that it is functionalspace optimization.

Scavolini In her kitchen model with island, she presents a kind of enriched furniture wooden shelves It is a series of containers: The company is called this model.Qi”. This model is an absolute novelty and, unlike others, it can be customized by adding other elements capable of giving the kitchen itself aesthetic taste Totally private and repetitive.

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Scavolini Kitchens: Lacato Style

Scavolini Kitchens Catalog 2022

Let’s now talk about the model called by Scavolinigild. This kitchen, from an aesthetic point of view, is very refined, we can only recommend it if you need to enrich your home with Elegant and shiny kitchen.

Yes, because this model, designed by Gianni Parenti and called the “Lacato Model”, has an extension the design Simply Unique. The kitchen is finished with elegant materials and consists of elements such as metal handles And the work glass. more, Scavolini Offers the possibility to compose it according to your taste!

Scavolini Kitchens: Colony Model

Scavolini Kitchens Catalog 2022

The penultimate model we want to consider is probably Best Catalog 2022. In fact, by going to the official website of Scavolini The colonial model. He looks to the past without forgetting that we are now heading towards the future. Consists of a lot of style sober And the elegantwhich is characterized by the presence of metal handles (similar to the one we saw in the previous model), but with the addition of a the structure More modern and attractive.

Scavolini Kitchens: DeLinea Style

Scavolini Kitchens Catalog 2022

if it was colonial model He winks at the past, and the next day we meet contains only the present in the heart: furniture DeLinea model It actually consists of a smooth and linear design. Outline It is, in short, a kitchen that does not exist handles (This is new) It proposes a series of steel shelves Designed to streamline all furnishings. We recommend it if you like sobriety and composure.

Scavolini 2022 catalog gallery and photo ideas

To conclude our discussion in the best possible way, we can only advise you to at least take a look at the catalog offered by Scavolini. Whether you are young or a little advanced in age, you will appreciate all the well-known brand proposals from the Marche region. Below we present you with a series of photos that are intended to clarify your ideas a little!

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