PlayStation Experience Truck is for sale: The old promotional truck costs $70,000

PlayStation Experience Truck is for sale: The old promotional truck costs $70,000

If you've been following the world of video games since the 90s, you probably remember PlayStation Experience Truck: It was a truck outfitted to deliver a PlayStation-themed “experience” that Sony used to make tours around the US: Now it’s all For sale It can be yours for a modest sum $70,000.

After 18 years, the PlayStation Experience Truck has resurfaced in a state of apparent abandonment and is now up for sale: If left in a parking lot, the mobile PlayStation playground would have clearly lost most of its character. Contentsbut some elements remain visible and can attract some particularly eager buyers.

The truck is now on sale for $70,000, which is a lot of money but is justified by the size of the chassis and also the complexity of it, which presents itself as Modular and convertible space It's still very advanced.

A very exclusive collector's item

A photo of the trailer from the inside

Between the 1990s and early 2000s, the PlayStation Experience Truck crisscrossed the USA advertising Sony consoles as real consoles Self-propelled E3 stageand in an era where social networking and advanced online communication capabilities do not yet exist, it may represent the only way to experience some of the latest innovations in the field of PlayStation first hand.

Moreover, it appears that he was the one who put the trailer up for sale I have no idea what it's about Specifically, since he never mentions his past but reinforces the fact that he is a very personal being, able to expand his surface by a factor of two, which is possible thanks to the expandable stage.

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You can see the ad on This address is on Facebook Marketplace.

Inside, apparently, there are still some LCD screens and some, too Vintage promotional materials. Even the stickers dedicated to the PSP and more are still visible, making the object particularly attractive to the wealthiest (and craziest) collectors.

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