Luxury bathrooms spend very little: everyone is queuing up for the new Leroy Merlin solutions

Luxury bathrooms spend very little: everyone is queuing up for the new Leroy Merlin solutions

If you want to renovate your bathroom in style without breaking the bank, go for LeroyMerlin, stylish and crazy priced.

The bathroom is no longer just a service area of ​​the house, but a pleasant place to spend time in if it is functional and well furnished in accordance with the style of the house.

It is possible to choose a new look for the bathroom that is welcoming and modern, but not expensive. LeroyMerlin, the major French company, in its new stores Gallery A wide range of solutions is dedicated to the world of bathrooms that adapt well to every size, with possibility Good use of space Available, even in small sizes.

Wide range of colours, attractive styles and design

The first thing to evaluate is a good choice Bathroom size. If its dimensions are modest, for example, you can choose built-in and suspended bathroom fixtures, which have less impact on the available space and allow greater freedom of movement.

A small bathroom where colors play to expand the space (LeroyMerlin photo)

In addition, the choice of colors is important: A game of color and shape between tiles and coverings, takes an essential role in making the room larger and more welcoming. Moreover, if we do not want to completely renew it, there are alternative solutions to renew the coating, such as paints or tiles that mimic wallpaper, suitable to cover the old and give a new look to the old covering.

As forChoosing bathroom furnitureIt's possible Find modular bathroom furniturewhich in addition to the presence of Easily adaptable measurements into larger or smaller spaces, They have a range of colours The shapes range from the most classic and soft shapes with soft colors to the drier and more modern with design, with bold and decisive colors with the possibility of combining them with taps and accessories of the same color or desired pattern.

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Backlit or tilt mirrors. Everything that can make living in the bathroom more enjoyable, without spending exorbitant sums. In addition, it is possible to seek advice from in-store architects and assemble the products in-house by expert assembly technicians.

With a modest budget and with the help of experts who know well the characteristics of the products they sell, we will be able to purchase bathroom furniture composed of high-quality products, guaranteed over time and at the same time updated according to current trends and tastes.

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