Podemos accuses Robles of warning against war in Europe: “These are dangerous statements”

Podemos accuses Robles of warning against war in Europe: “These are dangerous statements”

defense minister, Margaret RoblesHe sounded the alarm on Sunday by warning of the threat of war in Europe due to the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine. Statements that sparked controversy and rejection by certain sectors of society. This is the case of Podemos, which did just that Harsh accusations against the Minister of Defense The Spanish government, in contrast, was against the Socialist Workers' Party, considering that Robles had incited an “escalation of the war.” “Ms. Robles, who is truly unconscious, will continue the escalation of the war that will only lead to more pain, death and suffering,” Podemos Secretary General Ione Pillara said on social networks.

Balara stressed that the minister's statements were “dangerous” and insisted that this was the only way “No to war”. The former Equality Minister and Podemos member took the same line Irene MonteroWho asked, “Why does the Spanish government advocate war if Spain is a country of peace?” He criticized, “What is the benefit of the rule of the Socialist Workers' Party if in the end the United States and the owners of the war enterprises are the United States?” Pablo Echenique He also joined the barrage of blame on the Socialists for Robles' words and stressed that with these statements he confirms that “PSOE is the war party“.

Belara, a critic of the Spanish Prime Minister

Specifically, the Secretary General of Podemos participated in one of them on Sunday Demonstration in Donosti in support of the Palestinian people, held by representatives of the world of culture. From there, Pillara called on Pedro Sanchez's government to “stop lying” and “selling weapons” to Israel, “making us complicit in genocide.” The Purple Party member denounced that “the Spanish state government lied again, saying that it had stopped selling weapons to the State of Israel,” stressing that “it has been shown once again that they lied.” “For this reason, he again requested the Spanish government.”Stop selling weapons to Israel “Above all, to also stop buying weapons from Israel, because in 2023 300 million euros from all of us went directly to finance the genocide,” he stressed.

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Likewise, Belara praised “Basque culture” for becoming “wet andCalling for an end to genocideHe insisted that more people join the call “to raise their voices without fear, break the international silence and say loudly and clearly that what we are seeing in Gaza is genocide committed by the colonial and occupying state Israel, and that more needs to be done.”

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