WhatsApp, here comes the most awaited update you have dreamed of. Unfortunately, there is also bad news

WhatsApp, here comes the most awaited update you have dreamed of.  Unfortunately, there is also bad news
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There have been many diverse technological developments that we have witnessed over the past 20 years or so.

Within all these developments we mention in particular Internetwhich in a few years spread throughout the Italian territory and generally throughout the European continent, spreading like wildfire first with a 56 kb connection, then later with an ADSL and fiber optic connection.

The advent of the Internet, in turn, brought about many changes, especially in the telephony sector. Let’s consider, for example, an appearance smart phones, which has certainly revolutionized the real-time communication and messaging sector. Among the main applications in this regard we mention WhatsAppan application that was created initially for a fee and then became completely free, has managed to conquer millions and millions of users around the world.

Updates on the horizon

Besides that we remember afterwards cablewhich made the advanced encryption system, instead, its strong point from which to start, and managed to win the hearts of millions and millions of users around the world, even with the features that were later obtained again from WhatsApp, such as The ability to edit messages What about it.

Today we are going to focus specifically on WhatsApp, which we have known for quite some time now It constantly receives updates from the developerswhich aims to fix bugs and introduce new features and functionality that were missing until recently.

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Sharing images via WhatsApp and HD – TheMagazineTech

The turning point in sharing

Thanks to WhatsApp we have always been able to Share photos and videosOr with our friends and family: one of the most important drawbacks, however, was the quality of the transmitted material, which WhatsApp compresses, which greatly reduces the quality of photos and videos compared to the original file.

Fortunately, this trend has changed since the last update: from now on, we will have The ability to send photos and videos in HD resolution. To do this, you just need to select the material that we intend to send, and then Select the “HD” checkbox. It’s on the top right of the WhatsApp screen. Obviously be careful in case you find yourself on the move, becauseSending high-resolution files can use a lot of data. At this point we just have to wait for more updates from WhatsApp, which we are sure will not be long in coming weeks or months.

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