It looks like a sunbeacon, but it’s a surveillance camera: GENIAL (49 euros)

In the eyes of many, this device has an elegant appearance, yet simple, A solar beacon. Instead, the interior hides a powerhouse Video camera to safety, which is capable of delivering high definition images and videos. It is powered bySolar energye and always ready to keep your home safe. In fact, you only need to integrate it with the smartphone app so you can control everything. View images in real time and receive notifications in case of movement.

Moreover, thereMy voice Bidirectional Which will allow you to hear what is happening where the device is installed and also interact using your voice. Very easy to install, you can put it anywhere you want as long as the built-in solar panel is well exposed to sunlight during the day. All you need is a good Wi-Fi internet connection.

The partner is greedy coupon limited time out Amazon You can get this exciting focus of technology for only €49.99 instead of €69.99. All you need to do is Mark the offer on the page Complete the application quickly. Get everything home with fast and free shipping, if you’re a Prime subscriber. Hurry, availability in this promotion is very limited.

Surely a product like this you are unlikely to have seen already. Security system to control the home but also a sheep to light to At no cost On the bill: everything, not just the product. The interesting thing is that when looking at this device it is difficult to realize its presence Video camera to safety compact.

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It just looks like a Designed solar beacon. It is precisely this that will allow this little gem to be more useful: when you realize its existence in relation to i the wicked to late.

To try it out for a small price, by ordering directly from AmazonI must hurry. This is a limited time opportunity: Check out the coupon directly on the page Quickly complete the application to take advantage of it. Shipments are fast and free, offered by Prime Services. Very limited promotional availability.

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