Lukaku, Juventus don’t like Chelsea throwing them in the middle

Lukaku, Juventus don’t like Chelsea throwing them in the middle

there Juventus wants to blow Lukaku inInter: connect with Chelsea to sound the ground. juventus f Crescent moon (again) on Lukaku. The media campaign fueled by London did not create any particular unrest 1,300 kilometers to the south.

Because the Belgian – who continues his training on vacation in Sardinia – certainly hasn’t changed his way of thinking and because Inter are well aware that, in negotiations, putting pressure on the other side is part of the game to get what you want, in the case of Chelsea 45 million – or the amount you want. Big Rome It will be on the balance sheet in June 2024 when the Nerazzurri start buying.

Juve and the rumors about Lukaku: the truth

The goal – given that the operation, technically speaking, was in no way a Vietnam As for the Stamford Bridge club – at least it does not incur a loss on the balance sheet. To spice things up even more aggressively, Juventus were also brought in, but they didn’t like the fact that the jacket took them. Why Cristiano Giuntoli He is busy with completely different ideas and because even in Turin they know very well what Lukaku’s ideas are, net of environmental inhibitions for a possible negotiation given the past on the last date in Italian cup In the field.

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