Roma, Mourinho blesses Belotti. Felix towards Cremonese

Roma, Mourinho blesses Belotti.  Felix towards Cremonese

Rome- a to praise It seems a very frank assertion: “I don’t know if Belotti will come to Rome. Thiago Pinto knows what we have to do, and we can only hope for success. but since Belotti He’s free, I can say one thing: if it’s true that he really wants to come to us, I like that feeling. Let’s wait and see.” Mourinho He exposes himself because he knows too well Situation: Tonight, after the match, Tiago Pinto will talk to a colleague CremoneseJiashita, I will sell it Felix. At that point, there will be no more obstacles for the attacker to reach the middle: Belotti, who refused all offers precisely because Roma reassured him, will soon be satisfied. himself Mourinho You will be able to complete attacks Excellent, it adds to the team a different striker than others who can solve battle matches.

Movements back home in Rome

The alternatives Manufacture Salerno On the first day, on the other hand, they were unmistakable: when Abraham and Zaniolo were toppled, Mourinho introduced midfield boosters Matic and Wijnaldum, now frustrated by the terrible injury. But I didn’t make certain choices to send messages to the community. I did it for win over The game, and think about managing the score by trying the two new. Nobody expects Felix and Shumorodov to be on the level of Ibrahim, Zaniolo and Dybala.” This is another way to determine how to graft Belotti he is Decisive to improve the attack. for Felix Cremonese offered 3 million plus bonuses, and Rome 8 is requested, but they are treated with confidence. The crossover between the CEOs, tonight at the Olympics, will be a catalyst. As for Shumorodov, Bologna is always at the window: if Thiago Pinto agrees to lend him, the deal quickly closes. The important thing, according to Friedkin’s financial calculations, is that at least one of the attackers, in addition to the mass exodus Kluivertleaving Rome permanently, producing capital gains and ensuring liquidity.

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Waiting for Belotti

But the way MarketIt’s hard to imagine Belotti Tired of waiting and signing up for another team. From Roma he has already received the promise of a three-year contract worth 3 million net per season and has agreed to start the tournament as unemployed. The feeling is that the position could open up in the next 48 hours. Then it is clear that Belotti will have a period of personal work to regain proper athletic condition. But Rome will think about this later.

Mourinho: "Belotti?  I love that he wants to come to Rome a lot"

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Mourinho: “Belotti? I like that he wants to come to Rome a lot”

Climbing the Giallorossi

with organic Rich, including a fifth defender (another free agent, Serbian Southpaw Maksimovic was offered), Mourinho could raise the goal bar. But regardless of the drama WijnaldumHe will not say: “It is true that the gypsies leave the market with goodness. But we start from sixth place. The teams that came before us last year also strengthened. Not a good idea newsletter For us: it will be difficult to win an Italian competition. Our hope is to grow compared to the first year, and to advance towards fifth place. But after winning the conference, the Europa League became a target for us as well. It’s not a different tournament than another, even if it would have enriched it in the second phase with the teams that were eliminated from the Champions League. So we have to try to get to the bottom.”

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