Today it’s worth gold – Virgilio Motori

Today it’s worth gold – Virgilio Motori

Owning a Ferrari is certainly not a fortune that many can boast of. Cars that, in addition to the design and stylistic beauty of the major car brands, carry with them the emotional burden of the pages of history written by Maranello. But sometimes it also happens that those who own a wild horse car can forget about its presence in the garage. impossible?

For many, who would like to have it but can’t afford it, it may seem like that. But that’s what happened with a very rare and very expensive car from Rossa Forgotten for years in the garage It is now being auctioned by RM Sotheby’s in Monterey.

Forgotten Ferrari

A car “forgotten” in the garage, perhaps hidden among bulky boxes and objects and which over the years has made its weight felt on the bodywork. And so, almost by accident, one of them was discovered in a dusty box 308 Ferrari GTBsa Cavallino car that could be worth gold today.

After I tell you about Exquisite Ferrari Enzo auctioned by Fernando AlonsoIt is time to tell you the amazing story of a car presented at the 1975 Paris Motor Show which, in addition to the 58 years of history behind it, has a special feature that makes it unique.

In fact, a beautiful 308 GTB re-emerged in a dusty garage, a model that joined the Dino 308 GT4 in the Prancing Horse collection and a spiritual heir to the Dino 246. The Ferrari, as mentioned, has a hard-to-find advantage and in other Maranello cars, or Fiberglass construction. It’s a solution the Reds have embraced for nearly 60 years with the goal of reducing weight.

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A short-lived fiberglass body, with the house deciding in 1977 to switch to steel, returning to the “original” weight of cars that in themselves, of course, have a lasting charm. And so the 308 GTB rolled off the assembly lines in June 1976.

The model in the garage is therefore unique and particularly valuable, as only 712 models were produced. But today it is difficult to say how many are still in acceptable conditions.

The condition of the car at auction

And try to win this amazing Ferrari model, which It is valued in the millions like its predecessors sold, we’ll have to wait for the RM Sotheby’s auction to start between August 17 and 19, 2023. A date circled in red by fans of the Maranello brand, with a valuation of the 308 GTB that could go up. despite of There is a big “but”..

While it’s true that it’s a car with a transverse 2.9-liter, eight-cylinder engine mated to a five-speed manual transmission, conditions are certainly not ideal. Indeed, the 308 GTB She resents the years he spent gathering dust and above all the weight of the boxes and the various junk that were placed on them.

In fact, on RM Sotheby’s website you can see signs of aging on the windshield and frontal area, a result that would set everyone apart stylistically. But beware, this is still a one-of-a-kind Ferrari.

The runaway horse house fan could, by turning a blind eye (or maybe two), actually win a car that had 240bhp at 6,600rpm in the US, where the memorabilia was found, and with a total of about 15.428km behind.

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By opening the hood and checking everything down to the smallest detail and meticulously, you can also notice Original engine and gearbox. Details that contribute to the car’s appeal and which, despite a few scratches, is a tempting prospect for many.

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