the professor. Attilio Senza, Pino Gel and Bruno Lonely Awards

the professor.  Attilio Senza, Pino Gel and Bruno Lonely Awards
the professor. Attilio Senza receiving the award from Alessandro Torcoli, Director of Civilta del Pire

A world-renowned professor and agronomist, and one of the leading experts in viticulture, the Professor of Trentino is an authoritative reference point for the world of oenology.

Twice the prestigious appreciation of the professor. Attilio Scienza, a Trentino thoroughbred, superstar in the world of wine and world-renowned agronomist. In recent days at Forte dei Marmi on the occasion of “VinoVip al Forte”, the biennial that brings together the best Italian wine production in Versilia, Civiltà del bere magazine awarded him the 2023 Pino Gele Prize for his relentless commitment to promoting prestigious Italian wines in the world. Awarded Bruno Lunelli Library of Science as co-author From the monumental work “The Novel of Trentino Wine”.

Among the leading viticulture experts in Italy and the world, prof. Attilio Scienza has been a reference point for generations of operators in the wine sector thanks to his passionate work in research, information and culture. An activity he has been doing for decades, he compares scientific studies with genetics and anthropology.

A brilliant professor, he was director of the Agricultural Institute of Saint-Michel-all’Adige

Gianpaolo Giacoppo makes a toast with journalist Massimo Zanicelli (right)

Professor Attilio Senza taught at the Milan State University and was Director General of the Agricultural Institute of San Michele all’Adige.

He was awarded the “Aei Prize” for research in 1991, the “Morsiani International Prize” in 2006, and the “Oiv-Paris Viticulture Prize” for the best scientific book on viticulture and viticulture in the years 2003, 2008, 2011, 2012 and 2017. Author 380 scholarly publications and 32 printed texts dealing with artistic and cultural topics.

The award, created by the director of “Civiltà del bere” Alessandro Torcoli to remember the journalist Pino Khail, founder of the magazine and pioneer in the promotion of high-quality Italian wines, has been awarded over the years to personalities such as Lucio Caputo, President of the Italian Wine and Food Institute, Lucio Tasca (Tasca d’Almerita) , Piero Antinori, Pio Bova (Pio Cesare), journalist Cesare Bellone, Piero Mastrobrardino (Mastrobrardino) and Chiara Lungarotti (Lungarotti).

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WINNERS OF THE 2023 EDITION OF THE “Bruno Lonelli Library Prize”

Heroic vineyards in the Sembra Valley with over 700 kilometers of dry stone walls

In recent days, the names of the winners have also been announced From the 2023 edition of the “Bruno Lunelli Library Prize – Book of Wine”, dedicated exclusively to wine literature. Founded by Franco Lunelli, Bruno Lunelli’s eldest son and nephew Marcello, the award was given by the Bruno Lunelli Library to remember Bruno Lunelli, founder of the Ferrari Canteen fortune.

This year, Massimo Zanicelli, author of “La Montagna” (ed. Bietti) and the authors of the monumental work “Telling about Trentino wine” receive the prize of fairness: Attilio Scienza, Rosa Roncador and Nereo Pederzolli. Pre-nomination will take place in September at the Renaissance Villa Margon on the vineyard hills overlooking Ravenna di Trento on the occasion of the Trentodoc Bubble Festival.

Honorees are Attilio Senza, archaeologists Rosa Roncador and Nereo Pederzoli

the professor. Attilio Senza, archaeologist Rosa Roncador and journalist Nerio Pederzoli

Combine a famous vineyard scholar like Attilio Scienza, a lover of fine writing and fine wine like Nereo Pederzolli and a passionate archaeologist like Rosa Roncador, and here is “Telling the Trentino of wine.”

It’s a book that reads like a novel and is among the best titles written on the wines of the land, Trentino, an extraordinary example of biodiversity” reads the jury’s motivations for the only Italian award reserved for titles that feature wine.

Marcello Lonelli presides over the award and the jury includes Carla Bernini, Oscar Farinetti, Eliana Liotta, Chiara Masi, Matteo Marzotto, Alessandro Saviola, Andrea Segre and Fabio Tamburini.

Vineyards, cellars and winemakers’ stories told by Massimo Zanicelli

Journalist Massimo Zanicelli also received the ex aequo award for the volume “La Montagna”. graduate art history in the Faculty of Arts and PhilosophyUniversity of MilanHe started dealing with wine in the late 1990s.

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From 2001 to 2016 he was part of the Dream Team.[[[[[ From l’Espresso Publishing Group, he signs the weekly Wine column espresso and direct it Italy wines. Collaborate with Veronelli and with the Italian Bartenders Association mentors. writing effervescencewhich was welcomed Camilo Langone as “the most interesting book on Italian wine in several years”And Fits with the trekking tradition that he inaugurated Mario Soldati.

“The Mountain”, an unusual mural for Italy of wine

“The Mountain is a wonderful book that takes the reader by the hand – this is the impetus for the Bruno Lonelli Prize – and accompanies him first among the many vineyards that paint Italy from a height of five hundred meters, then in the cellars and finally in tastings.

Montana is only the first title of a gigantic project that Massimo Zanicelli has set himself to achieve, if the sequel proves to be at the same height, we will have an extraordinary fresco for wine Italy,” adds the jury on Massimo Zanicelli’s book.

Raise your glasses. deposit! (Giuseppe Casagrande)

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